one for the ladies

Hi, I know there a lot of us ladies who suffer urge incontinence. I have just found a great device to help strengthen your pelvic floor (this is also supposed to help your sexual sensations too!). It’s called an itouch. It looks a bit scary with an electrode that you insert like a tampon but it doesn’t hurt. You just feel your muscles tighten slightly,(if it hurts you have got the setting too high). It wasn’t cheap(£60) but I am really hoping it works for me and does what it says it will do. Lynne x

Hi Lynne, Thanks for sharing the info. It is always good to know about devices or treatments that can help. Take care Anne

I saw something about that the othr day on TV, but being a zombie at the time I didn’t follow enough to realise exactly what it was (I think I got the idea it was something for the iphone :roll: ) Do please let us know how you get on with it. Gott to dash - loo beconing :smiley: Clarexxx

I used something like that a year or so ago it looked like a tens machine, small and you inserted it like a tampon and it felt like a tens machine tingles that you could make stronger as you got used to it. I had it given to me on trial for three months from the bladder nurse as i had urgency and my pelvic muscles were poor i was a 1 that being the weakest. When i finished with it i went to a five. And if you work with it you can strengthen them even more. I can now sit and tense the muscles because i no where they are, It worked for me i still get urgency but i have a bit more strength to hold it a little longer. Tracy x