Knee injury

Hi all.

Just wondering if any of you good people have the same problem. I keep twisting my knee.

What happens is I go to move and my right leg just doesn’t go with me, so if this happens and I am turning or just changing direction I twist my knee or ankle and end up injured. No sooner is the knee beginning to mend than I do it again!

Any advice would be gratefully received.



hi twist

sounds painful- if you have access to an MS nurse, i would tell them about it (and any other new symptoms), as some may be related to MS, others not so, and MS nurses have the wealth of knowledge of ascertain if they are or not- i have just read the sentence and am not sure if it makes sense… hopefully you’ll know what i mean :0)

my gp is lovely, and says that despite her long experience in the job, she knows comparatively little about MS, so the nurses are really the best port of call for any new symptoms, as is this forum.

hope you get some answers and sorry for not being of any help in providing them, fluffyollie xx

I have the same problem. It worries me because I think as years go by, the damage I’m causing to my knees, especially the right, will be a problem. It’s as I transfer from wheelchair to sofa, or to car seat. Basically, I can’t move my right leg on demand so I end up twisting the knee. Sometimes it really hurts as I twist it. I should probably get some physio advice, but I always forget when I see her.

By the sound of it, you are doing this just in the process of walking, it would probably be from the same basic reason, just a slightly different cause.

So it’s a case of getting some advice as to how to strengthen that leg or how to move it in a different way so as not to damage your knee or ankle. Probably you need to see a physiotherapist. If you don’t already see someone, get a referral from your MS nurse or GP. In my area we have a multi disciplinary community neuro team which for me means that I can self refer for physio, bladder or bowel help, OT etc. Does your area NHS service have anything like this?

(btw did you choose your user name specifically because of this problem?)



knees are surprisingly weak when it comes to MS. I injured my knee, but didn’t realize what was going on until I couldn’t bend it.

I had a scan and it my supporting soft cartilage and meniscus were chewed up.

i have seen several physios, a podiatrist and now I’m recovering from a total knee replacement. It will be 2 weeks on Monday.

The pain isn’t fun. I find it very stressful, but when this knee is healed, I will have the other done. It is very good to be able to bend it again.

i have been lucky, I was expecting to have to wait until I was 65’, but I’m 11 years ahead of that.

i will have to start cycling soon, but just indoors. Ice packs will be very useful.

If you can get a referral to a neuro physiotherapist, this will be the best thing to do right now.

best wishes,


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Thank you for your suggestions. I will certainly follow this up.


(name came from type of laptop I have!)

Hello . I’ve just developed a knee injury that they say is ligament and tendon damage due to alerted gait with my ms. The bad knee is on my better but not wonderful leg. I’ve read all the posts in this thread and wondered if you have improved at all and if other people with similar injuries find they can recover. Thanks.

Be worth a visit to the physio via the ms nurse to see if it’s down to gait/posture etc. They’ll give you a good assessment.