Kitchen heroics.


Yes, it is the morning but I’m still up. This afternoon I tried closing the kilner jar of my home-made oven baked tomatoes. I had a sneaky taste and it was good. The jar slipped sending all the chopped chillies for the focaccia bread cascading onto the floor with a great slug of olive oil from the tomato jar. The floor is a long way down. I had to transfer onto a dining chair on a very slippery floor to go about squirting the grease with an appropriate cleaner. I used my feet and a big towel which now sits in the washing machine waiting to go. Oh, how I swore. The bread is delicious.

Best wishes, Steve.

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Good work, Steve.

I’ve also noticed that floors are getting further away these days.

How about doing a household tips column for us?




Steve - A midnight feast was the plan!! - l can picture it oh so well. Thankfully, my 4 dogs are always on hand to clear up anything that drops to the floor. Even my home-made chilli jam. Then one of those micro cloths under my foot - and a ‘soft shoe shuffle’ usually clears any evidence up.

l made lots of courgette fritters yesterday. A sudden glut of courgettes in garden and eggs from our own hens - and chilli’s grown on windowsill.

l found myself sat on the kitchen floor - yesterday. No idea how - and it took me ages to find a way of getting back up again. Not only do my legs seem not to be mine - they are not even a matching pair!!

Dogs thought it great fun - Mum on the ground with them. They lay all around me thinking it was a new game.


Remind me not to accept an invitation for dinner with either of you two.


That’s a shame - l have deleted you from our guest list.

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Ha ha ha. Just bring your own cloth and a degreasing spray.

It’s funny how the mini-disasters always occur when I’m on my own.

Best wishes, Steve.

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