Kitchen duty.

Hello I thought I’d posted this. If I did or did not I will blame brain fog. Here’s my kitchen drama should you wish to read it.

Best wishes, Steve.


Hi Steve

You are truly an inspiration to lots of us, I take my hat off to you (again), I think I would end up throwing the beans, let alone dropping them.

The pies sound amazing, I don’t imagine any would have made it to the freezer if I had been there, you done well.

Pam x


Clumsiness is largely why I stopped baking. I discovered the joys of baking, especially bread, just a couple of years before I was diagnosed. Closer to diagnosis, the clumsiness just mucked things up. I even broke Pyrex, which I didn’t think was possible to break judging by some of the stuff I remember growing up with lasting many, many years!

I can only imagine how much the beans hurt

Sonia x


I loved your blog, the pies sounded amazing and I loved seeing the little mouse in the Seymours dish. We have a little mouse i spotted it peeping out from under the cupboards it was a little field mouse i’ll have to get a humane mouse trap, and let Ben take it back to the fields.

Michelle and Frazer xx

Great blog post.

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