Ah poops

There was little sun today. I was awoken at 8.45 by the children going to the school round the corner. I fell back asleep and rose at ten. I yawned, the cat mewed and the curtains were opened.

I had toast and Marmite with gallons of tea. A rare treat in the midst of a Spartan diet. I sat down and sank into my chair. i dozed and slumbered in an ocean of quiet comfort. I looked across to my tidy kitchen, excited about another gastronomic creation. It was chicken korma. A delicious creation.

And so another day goes by. Lancashire won their county championship game against Middlesex and I wrote a shopping list.

These are the days when I’m lucky enough to be able to re-charge the struggling batteries.

Ah poops.


Must have been the day for it, awoke 6 ish read and surfed till nearly 7:30 slept till after ten awaken by Heather who had slept solidly ten hours straight. Been out for a ride tonight and shared fish n chips overlooking the North Sea and counting the ship’s. Fifteen tonight. Hope your kitchen remains tidy XXX Don

Hello Steve , ive got a tidy kitchen it’s empty and no oven or cupboards. We had to empty it of all the clutter at the weekend and it’s all scattered around Lees office. The kitchen fitted will hopefully have it done for the weekend. Chicken Korma …that sounds lovely you’ll have to produce a recipe book Steve. Michelle and Frazer xx sent from my mobile phone

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Five fifteen this morning, all this early waking up is rubbish just laying here now until Heather wakes up and the I will want to go back to sleep.

All you lovely people waking up early, I have to admit that it can take me at least two hours at night to get to sleep, but in the morning if my hubby didn’t wake me I dread to think what time it would be! Lol

Hope you all have a good day, sunny here now, and tomorrow we have friends calling in from Australia, hilts they are in the uk visiting family. Should be lovely…but exhausting.

Pam x

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Hi Pam, I am a very sociable person normally BUT since all this kicked off back in March I now find myself almost dreading people visiting. It is good seeing them but as you say it is so tiring and I feel tired before they even arrive :slight_smile: