Kitchen finishes today (should be!)

Hi gang, well after 3 long weeks to ‘finisher’ is in the kitchen. It’s been 15 working days and due to finish today.

Right at the beginning someone said to me there was a problem with the electrics which they will get sorted. Since then I’ve asked about 6 different people about the problem with the electrics. They’ve all said there is no problem.

Guess what? None of the sockets are working. There’s a problem with the electrics …

It’s been the hardest 3 weeks I’ve had for a long time. If I had known it would be this hard I would have refused it (which some of my clever neighbours did!).

I’m exhausted and so sick of trying to prepare food and cook in microwave and find things! I am so sick of the dust and mess! I feel so sorry for Dickie who’s as sick as I am of spending time stuck in the bedroom.

But, looking on the bright side, even if they don’t get the electrics sorted today, I can still unpack this weekend and start using the kitchen (the electric cooker…strangely…is working).

Luckily I have someone coming to help me unpack and get organised.

Sorry to moan about a brand new kitchen that hasn’t cost me a penny…but to be perfectly honest it has been hell.

Love to all,

Pat xx


Glad that you are - at long last - seeing light at the end of the tunnel.

Your experience with the electrics and people telling you different things reminds me of the old song “The Gasman Came to Call” by Flanders and Swann. Worth a listen; it’s from the 50’s/early 60’s but it rings true even today - apart from the fact that they could book workmen straight away! - YouTube

And a special cwtch to Dickie for being so patient through it all (although I bet it was him who hid the top of your thermos flask as a bit of doggie revenge - it’s the sort of thing that mine would do )


Hello, Pat.

Sorry to hear it’s been such a trial. While I try to be as liberally minded to everyone I meet, my patience can get tested by tradesmen. It seems that “there’s no fault in the electrics” is code for “I don’t want to do it.”

Strangely enough, I half suggested to Jo having our kitchen refitted. An emphatic “NO” boomed back across the room. We still have memories of the bathroom. And that went smoothly!

Hopefully, you and Dickie can get back to normal soon. If anything is normal in our world.

Best wishes, Steve. x


Oh thanks Bob that did make me giggle!!! And yes it still rings true!

My parents had an LP by Flanders & Swann when I was a kid. I still sometimes find myself singing ‘Mud, mud, glorious mud’.

Hmmm I think you could be right about the top to thermos flask. Still hasn’t turned up…but just the sort of thing that Dickie would love to swipe!

Thanks, that cheered me up.

Pat xx

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I know the feeling well Pat, i hate having things done in the house now,

i dont even want any decorating doing,even thats too much,for me now,and to think i used to stay up all night to get my wallpapering done,how things change…thing is it will probably leave you exhausted for weeks now too.

Hope you feel better soon.

J x


Thanks Steve. If I live another 30 years in this flat I will not be having any more refitting done!!!

I suppose there is one good thing about it…the realisation that I love my little ‘normal’ life…

Pat xx


Oh J my living room needs decorating but NO WAY JOSE!!!

I’m going for that shabby chic look…only mine is more shabby than chic…

There is a man drilling in the fuse box now. I hope this bodes well…we shall see…

Pat xx


Sorry to hear you are having problems, Pat but apart from that does the kitchen look good?

Well would you believe it’s nearly a year since we have moved into our new flat and the walls have dried out. Now you know what that means? Yes decorating!!! Urgh!!! We will have to get someone in as we have high roofs and that means stepladders. No way am I letting my husband climb a stepladder. I hate having someone in as I will have to sit there trying to make endless conversation it is so trying. Will also have to choose colours and maybe wallpaper. No!! can’t bear it. I need to go and lie in a darkened room just thinking about it.

Shabby chic sounds good.

I have turned into a antisocial grumpy recluse!

Mags xx


Hi Pat

I know exactly what you mean, I think the kitchen must be the worst room to have refitted, oh hang on, the bathroom is just as bad. So glad for you and Dickie to bee able to see the end of the tunnel, and even though someone is coming to help unpack, don’t overdo things…it will still be there tomorrow.

Have a good weekend, especially in your lovely new kitchen. Cold and dreary here today, got my hot water bottle and fluffy blanket.

Pam x


Shabby without the chic sounds ok to me Pat



Oh Pat I can only imagine how you must feel having your heart set on all being finished. On a positive note fixing the electrics shouldn’t be much of a messy job and having someone to help unpack all your kitchen is a great plan.

Fingers crossed that all gets fixed quickly. As for the living room decor, my whole house is shabby and what many would call “lived in”. I’m happy here with it though and I have no intention of doing more than keeping it clean. As long as you’re happy does it matter what anyone else thinks? Not everyone wants to live in a show home.

Take care.

Cath x


Hi gang, they couldn’t get the electrics fixed yesterday…they are doing it next week. Apparently another flat that’s finished has same problem which at least makes me think they might prioritise it.

My cleaner/carer Margaret is coming after lunch to help me unpack…but I did a sort of stupid thing. I was on such a high that I did some last night. Actually did quite a bit. Well you can guess the outcome of this burst of energy. I feel dreadful today. Really really bad fatigue. Serves me right! I promised Margaret I wouldn’t do anything!!!

Tomorrow Reaz, a chap who helps me out, is coming to rearrange the living room (it’s open plan). I’ve been wanting to do it for ages and this has motivated me…although that is something I WILL leave to Reaz!

Thanks for all your lovely supportive replies.

Although exhausted, today I am starting to realise how lovely the new kitchen is.

Have a good Saturday folk,

Pat xx

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So pleased it’s finished Pat…what a nightmare it’s been for you!

hope after Margaret and Reaz have done their bit that you can sit back and enjoy it!

Well done for coping!

Love Nina xx


Oh Pat , What a shame …I bet it takes all the joy out having a new kitchen , I hope they get it sorted for you. I hate having jobs done , I feel too old and tired to be bothered. Although the work on my disabled bathroom starts at the end of March, so i’ll have to put up with some mess. After all the messing around from DFG we have decided to do the work ourselves, they wanted such a big contribution and were insisting that i had adaptations that i didn’t want or feel ready for yet.

Michelle x


Pat I hope you’ve had chance to rest and let Margaret and Reaz help you. In a week or two you’ll sit back, look around and realise that it was worth the upheaval to have a lovely practical living space. I hope the electrics are sorted out quickly and with minimal mess and disruption.

Take care.

Cath x


Nearly there, well done Pat! All the dust and noise and stress will soon be a memory.

By the way, the reason the cooker works is that it is on its own circuit from the fuse box. It pulls so much power i is kept separate from the ring main (which has the sockets) and has heavier cable all to itself.

Keep the faith!

Kev x


Thanks Kev that’s good to know why cooker works! No word on electrics today yet.

Both kitchen and living room look FABULOUS!!! I am so pleased. Gosh it feels like I’ve moved into an entirely new flat.

I’ve been wanting to rearrange my living room for ages but seemed such a huge job as meant moving the router and TV box and all. My helper Reaz did it all yesterday and only took an hour and half from start to finish…and that included vacuuming up all the builders dust and dusting and all. Funny how these things seem such a big deal to us but to ‘normal’ people it’s nothing!

I have payback today for the past couple of days. Bad fatigue and terrible diarrhoea and stomach cramps. Was meant to go to a neighbour’s funeral (sheltered housing…we go to a lot of funerals!) but not up to it.

Well I can rest all day and just very pleased it’s all over. I can hear drilling and hammering from someone else’s flat. Thank God it’s not mine!!!

Love and thanks to all,

Oh and Dickie is so happy not to be locked in bedroom!!!

Pat xx