builders back tomorrow.....not ms

On the final leg now, bathroom will be finished Wed. Had eleven of them here on two days last week but every day they are here is a day closer to the end…Going to try some bartering tomorrow, the bathroom guy (who we’ve used before) spied in our jungle (usually known as garden) an acer that he would like, so going to excahange for some plastering in the hall (he’s a fab plasterer) kill 2 birds with one stone…great bathroom, hall done AND a bit of garden cleared!

Alison x

Hi Alison,

Love your plan, lets hope he keeps going and completes both the garden and hallway, or is that asking a bit much? Bet you cannot wait for your lovely bathroom to be sparkling for you to christen too. It will be grand. I know when I got mine I smiled so much people thought my jaw had locked.

Not many days now, enjoy, for the mess is nothing when you get things adapted and they make life a heck of a lot easier.

best wishes



Hehe, can’t really expect him to do the whole garden, he is a plumber after all! I’m replicating the bathroom he did in our previous house even down to the same towel rail (well similar as this house is all electric) I keep forgetting that he won’t actually remember what it was like, as he’s probably done quite a lot of bathrooms since then! so he doesn’t remember doing my floor tiles like a zebra crossing…which he is also doing again! Didn’t actually realise just how much I liked my old bathroom! All done soon just have to have a rest before phase 2 at least all the mess is gone!

Alison x