Getting a new kitchen!

Hi guys, my landlord (housing assoc) is putting in new kitchens.

Contractor came today with my choices. Chose cream cabinets with silver handles, walnut (well it’s laminate) work tops and a light coloured flooring.

All quite exciting but of course it will be hell while it’s happening…esp for poor Dickie!!! I’m going to have to keep in shut in the bedroom while the work’s going on, which can take up to 3 weeks!

Also as my living-room and kitchen are open plan I’ll basically lose use of living-room as well…all my kitchen stuff will be in there and fridge freezer.

Keeping my eyes firmly on lights at end of tunnel… WHEN it’s finished I’ll have a lovely brand new kitchen that won’t have cost me a penny!

Starting it in a few weeks…full of dread and excitement at same time.

Hope all are doing ok,

Pat xx

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Pat, im so pleased for you, it will be brilliant when its done and well worth all of the upheaval, its almost a shame that you and Dickie can’t move out for 3 weeks while it being done. My wet room plans are on hold for a while, we will still get it done but they are asking for a big contribution, so we may have to get it done ourselves or wait till Lee retires.

Michelle and Frazer xx

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That`s fab news Pat.

It will, of course, be great when it`s done.

Could you move in with mum or sis while it`s happening? Or is that a silly question?


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Fantastic Pat, I was wondering the same as Poll, perhaps it’s not an option, but if it is, might be worth considering.

It will be great when it’s done though.

Pam x

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Thanks gang. I think it would freak Dickie out even more if I moved him. He’s been moved around so often (3 rescue centres and God only knows what else). I’m hoping that if I stay in the bedroom with him he’ll be ok.

The other good thing is that although it will take 3 weeks they won’t be there all the time, as they’re doing nearly all the flats in the building. So like one day I might have an electrician in for a couple of hours. Another day someone else for a few hours. So when there’s no builders I can try and make life as normal as possible.

Btw, some of you know that I had decided to move closer to my mother and sister a couple of years ago. Well I quite recently changed my mind. I just can’t bear the idea of moving. I have a lovely flat in a nice building, I like the area and have friends here. I decided to stay put. The very idea of the move was sort of upsetting me. More than I can cope with.

Dickie and I will be ok. I’ve explained it all to him but he didn’t look impressed. He kept looking at his furry mouse toy which is apparently much more interesting…

Pat xx


Excellent news about the new kitchen though I don’t envy you the mess. I had a new one put in last Easter and when they knocked the old one out all the plaster came off so it became a massive job. It took weeks to get rid of all the dust.

Have you considered a mild sedative for Dickie? I’ve kept mum and dad’s dog who’s terrified of sudden noise and my dad’s Zimmer frame, trolley, commode etc. He had to go back to them while I was in hospital, and since he came back he’s been worse than ever - my ms making me clumsy hasn’t helped either. It was awful watching him tremble each time we moved suddenly or the spin cycle on the washing machine started, so I phoned the vets and they’ve given us some herbal sedatives for him. I’m only giving him a small dosage to get him to settle down and it’s definitely helping.

May be something to consider - he’s not knocked out but relaxed, I never wanted to render him unconscious but it was awful watching him dashing upstairs to bed when I dropped anything or appliances started up.

Take care

Cath x


OOhh how lovely, i love new kitchens lol,we had ours done nearly 3 yr ago,and hardly had any mess at all,think it depends on the person doing it the bloke who did ours was a very neat and tidy person,and he always cleaned up after himself too.

i love buying all the new stuff to go in the new kitchen too,have fun.

J x


Hi Pat

I appreciate completely your thoughts about moving, the thought would render me witless, and you have good friends around you, that counts for a lot.

Caths idea sounds good, you can always see how he copes, and have that in mind in case.

Hubby is painting our kitchen and we are having new work tops to freshen it up, we shall all be so posh we won’t know ourselves.

Hope it all goes well.

Pam x

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That is such a good idea Cath. Thank you!

Pat xx


Found a herbal one on eBay called ‘Calm’.

Thanks so much. Brilliant idea.

Pat xx


How exciting Pat…I love the sound of your colour choice! I know it will be hard for you…however nice they are there’s nothing worse than people working in your house!

A coincidence about your non move Pat…we put our property up for sale and before we’d even got to the actual move I was utterly frazzled and fried by the viewers…we sold three times and each time it fell through and as for viewing houses it was really quite depressing not too mention exhausting!

So, in the end, like you we took a step back and asked ourselves why we wanted to leave somewhere we loved when we couldn’t find anything that we liked as much for the money.

Good luck with your kitchen, I think Caths idea is brilliant, hope it helps the lovely Dickie!

Nina xx


Thanks Nina.

Funny how we both changed our minds about moving! Perhaps when we decide to move we start looking at our homes with fresh eyes & realise what we’d be losing!

Hope all is as well as can be expected,

Pat xx

Nina an Pat i did just the same, i sold my house last january very quickly, too,trouble is we couldnt find anywhere suitable,so i took mine off the market.i would love to move to a bungalow,but the ones we like are about £30,000 too i decided to stay put,as i do like my house.

There were only 2 couples came to look round,and the first couple put an offer in the day after, first time buyers with the cash too, i had the perfect sale,shame i had nowhere to wore me out too ,just the thought of it all.

J x

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I reckon moving would do me in too!

I had a gorgeous Hollywood style wet room installed 2 years ago and took out a big bank loan, so I dont wanna leave that.

Likewise you Pat, with your lovely new kitchen.

You and Dickie stay put. In a few months youll be wondering why you worried. But we do worry about stuff now, wheras at one time..prior to disability, it wouldve been a doddle to cope with, eh?

I know to stop asking about you moving now. Good for you chick!

luv Pollx

Thanks Poll.

Pat xx

Great news Pat I hope it all goes without a hitch. Im sure the association will ensure the builders are as unobtrusive as possible. Exciting times.

It finally looks like I’ll be getting my new kitchen soon I had to put it on hold due to subsidence to my bungalow. The only good thing is the builder who is fixing the subsidence is also going to fit my kitchen so I will get it all over with in one go. Fortunately I’m going to stay with my mum for the duration. Still haven’t got a date though.

Jan x


I also had my house on the market, a sale arranged and as we were waiting for a moving date the people buying my house decided to drop their offer by £25 000, I’d already accepted their offer which was £10 000 below the asking price so I refused. We were doing a house swap and they thought that because I was disabled I was desperate. I was so angry I decided to stay here and replace the kitchen.

My mum and dad have spoken to me about buying their house after my dad (who is terminally ill with mnd) dies as mum then wants to move into something smaller, and their house is more modern and easier to heat etc, but also already has a stair lift, bath chair and wide doors whereas it’d be impossible for me to cope in my house if I need a wheelchair. I hope it won’t be for a long time, but it’s sensible for me to move, and I’m dreading it already. Not being in their house, it’s nice, but the moving and packing and decluttering. I’m getting tired just thinking about it.

Cath x

That’s a great idea Cath. Yes the move will be hell but the house will be perfect for you. As you say, I hope it doesn’t happen for a long time & you still have your dad for a while.

Those buyers had a bloody cheek! Glad you refused!

Pat xx

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That’s good news Pat. Can I put my name down for a Victoria Sponge when it’s done?


Pat, the time and inconvenience will all be a distant memory sooner than you think, yet you’ll still have that lovely new kitchen! As you say, keep your eyes firmly on the light at the end of the tunnel.

It’s already a year since our big alterations were being finished off- nominally an eight week job which stretched to double that. If it’s any consolation, our two old cats slept through it, figuratively with their paws over their ears.

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