Kids, who'd have 'em?

What a day I’ve had! My darling daughter is 16 and it’s her prom on Wednesday (now Monday). For about a year she’s been choosing dress styles and we had it made about 5 months ago. Last night she said she needed it adjusting as she’s lost weight on her chest (strapless dress with gaping bodice is not a good look for her or me as her mother). So will I take it in for her?

Oh and while you’re at it, could you take it up? It’s supposed to have a small train as is the current fashion but now she’s frightened she’ll trip over it! Can you imagine the stress? I’m no seamstress, not bad at cushions but a 3 layered evening gown was a challenge. It won’t pass examination but unless you know I’ve had my mitts on it, you’d not notice. Aren’t they delightful? And to add insult to injury, she’s not keen on the fabric flower to go in her hair, will I make another with the fabric I took off her dress, that way the colour and fabric will match perfectly. It’s a good job I love her. Why wait until now???

On a positive note, I went to the car boot sale yesterday and found a man selling the wall tiles I’ve been longing for but they’ve not been within my budget. He’d been clearing out a mill and was given them. He wanted 1p per tile, I got enough for my kitchen for £4. Bargain of the century, so I’ve been able to afford a better floor in there as well as my carpets. Then I’m broke but my house will be almost finished. What a relief, I’ve never had a house that didn’t need work before. So I’m tired and my back aches but I’m very happy. Take care

Cath xx

Cath, our daughter is only 20 months and she has us doing all sorts! As for the bargain, maybe you can literally have a night out on the tiles. (There’s an intellectual truth in there somewhere!)

Best wishes, Steve x.

Cath, as you say, don’t you just love them! Its a good job you are obviously very clever, even though you say you’re not a seamstress, she’s a very lucky girl to have you, and I am sure that feeling is reciprocated.

We didn’t have any prom or anything when we left school, it was just walk out of the gate on the last day same as everyday hhad been. I believe this prom malarkey has been adopted from America, but they all do it nowadays.

I am sure she will have a ball, and look absolutely gorgeous.

Pam x

Hi Cath, I envy you being able to do tha alterations. Despite going to dressmaking classes a number of years ago, I never did get the hang of it. I can take up a hem and sew on buttons . That’s about my stretch. I was looking forward to my youngest daughters prom but she was going through a rebellious stage and decided not to go. Yeah I am used to my girls asking for favours but as a long as I am able I don’t really mind. It’s nice to feel useful. Hope your daughter enjoys the prom. Are they hiring a limo? Mags xx

What a shame we can’t post photos on here Cath…it would have been great to see her dress. My eldest granddaughter had a prom last year…she looked so gorgeous. Hope she has a fantastic time. Nina x

I won’t lie, I felt ill when I put my scissors through her beautiful and expensive dress but I’ve got to admit it looks okay. I hope no professional looks at it but I’ve definitely got a sense of achievement. I wouldn’t tackle anyone else’s either. Thanks for your lovely comments, I’ll definitely put her picture on Facebook if any of you want to see it there. She has family in South Africa and the north east who’ll want to see it.

Take care, I’m off to take her for a spray tan and nails, exciting!

Cath xx

Well done Cath, you must have done much better job than you think! I remember my daughter’s school play Alice in wonderland when she was about 12 or 13 in which she was Alice. Obviously a dress was needed but we were able to hire one from a shop and it was perfect, all was needed were shoes and a bow in her hair. It was only one show so a hire was sensible. She looked great, I took some pictures and it remains one of fantastic memories. I can do basic stuff but certainly no sewing from scratch. Since then I’ve done various alterations for her but nothing too taxing.

Your daughter obviously knows her mind and knows what she wants. It’s an important quality to have in life.


Thanks Maryla. I’ve made the odd costume for her nativity play. With long blonde hair she was always an angel so I’d get a white sheet and old net curtain, lie her on the carpet as if being crucified and drawn a lovely batwing dress around her and sew it up. A bit of tinsel and she was ready to go. I did have to design and make a full maids apron and mob cap one year too, a huge circle with elastic. I’m quite practical but chopping into a ball gown is very different to an old sheet or curtain.

It’s done now, and I’ve just managed to wash her hair without getting any skin wet as she’s just had her spray tan and her hair has to be washed no later than tonight or the hairdresser won’t be able to put it up. I hope to God she gives me many years to prepare for her wedding if there’s all this for prom.

And Mags nobody’s bothering with limos this year, thank goodness, we’re just taking them to the hotel ourselves. But first we have to take photos here then go to my parents for more before stopping at a close friends as she wants to see her too. I’m sure she’ll be on such a high that she’ll be happy to be shown off. I’m proud of her, though tired if I’m honest.

Cath xx

Takes me back Cath our son got taken in a Ferrari (friend a motor dealer) but he was upstaged by someone in a helicopter. Heather can’t do needlework but between us over the years we have made some passable costume.essentially for plays and nativities for all three kids. Now it’s payback they phone and ask for their boys and the answer is a resounding NO

Well I’m pleased to report that my dress alterations were obviously a success as Jen had a lovely evening at her prom, and she looked stunning. I can’t post pictures for you but if anyone’s interested I can give you my Facebook info and you can have a look. I’m so proud!!

Cath xx