Kids are ace

Kids are ace… told my nephew I’m having an eye test today. He said that I don’t need one, it’s just my throat that’s not working properly. He’s making sure I drink lots of water too so that my throat doesn’t hurt.

He’s also taken to holding my wobbly fingers still if I need to point at stuff. He’s only 6 bless him, he’s accepted that his brother has Down’s without batting an eyelid, didn’t care that my step grandson has pots on his legs (he was born with club feet), and now this.

<3 him loads

He sounds brilliant. Kids are so good at just accepting that things are just the way they are. And if they want to know something they just ask without beating around the bush. Gotta love 'em

Take care - hope the eye test goes as smoothly as possible for you.

Tracey x

He asks a LOT of questions. He goes to the mosque and asks them if Jesus was Allah’s friend. Proper ace sense of humour.

Love kids honesty and untainted view of life. Everything is just taken at face value. We could learn a lot. A recent example, both of which happened on the same day: Gorgeous happy, smiley little boy in a pushchair came past me in my wheelchair, waving and grinning, shouted " you’re in a buggy like me, hiya" at the top of his voice. Massive grins !! My heart was just melting. An hour later, a very cross looking lady, pushed me out of her way and squawked very loudly " ee hinny these scooters are everywhere now, why don’t you just get up and walk, the exercise would do you good". Tears twice in one day, for very different reasons. Catherine Xx

Aww, Catherine, she has a disability of her own - ignorance! She could be cured if only she could be bothered.

Tracey x

Catherine - I hope you ran over her flamin’ toes for that. Totally uncalled for. She is the sort who would probably run people down if she had to use one!!

Ignore her and just think of the wee lads comments.

Take care hun. Hugs


Oh Catherine. Bet you were soooo upset. I would have been.

And Mrs C. Your nephew sounds like a lovely lad and you must be very proud of him.

Shazzie xx