my little daughter 5 yrs said mum i think ive got what daddys got

My little daughter aged 5 yrs said to me a few weeks back mummy i am worried i think ive got what daddys got her little hand was shaking she had been unwell all day and was lying about.Oh baby you carnt catch what daddys got i told her.It just shows how these problems affect familys with little children.I did get her a dvd from ms website and got my 7 yr old a book.I try not to say to much wile both around as they worry and sometimes they pick up on our worrys.

Aw bless her little heart.

Soooo lovely.

My 3 yr old granddaughter said to me, Tand up, Banma! I told her I couldnt as I have poorly legs. She kissed her little hands and placed the kisses on my feet and said Better now`, then carried on playing with her dolly.

luv Pollx

arr the things children do my youngest sometimes can be really cheeky but in a funny way.She comes out with some really funny things she said to her dad i have bad eyes like you daddy because my eyes are brown.My eyes are blue and eldest daughters are blue too.Youngest has to wear glasses due to a lazy eye but its hardly noticable now.Her dad has no central vision so she thinks everyone with brown eyes have eye problems.I told her maybe when she gets older she wont need glasses.Shes got to go hospital this week i had to tell her i dont think they are putting dilating drops in her eyes,she really dreads going incase she has to have eye drops.xx julie