Feeling really stupid

Hi everyone Not had a good day. Went to my sons academic review day . Waiting to see my yr 11 son’s tutor, she comes out and says ‘hello’. I stand up to go into her room and promptly fall over two stools and then into the wall. Balance was awful! I was fine but felt like an absolute idiot and of course she was mortified. I must have looked like a drunk and then she asked if I was ok and I told her what was wrong. Not the best way to start a parent interview! Afterwards one of my son’s friends mum was waiting for her appointment and of course my teenage son has not told any of his friends what is wrong with me,so she was shocked to hear what was wrong, as I had to tell her as I was stood there with my stick. Felt very exposed and vulnerable! One good thing - both sons at secondary school are doing fantastically well! Yours feelingstupidly Teresa xx

Hi Teresa,

I do feel for you in this situation as people do so like to catalogue us. But having MS is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of so I would tell a few loudmouth parents if I were you who can inform others of the problem that you have which is of course not your fault. And I am sure that the tutor’s mortification was only there because she had flashed images of you suing the school?

Take care, a fellow faller,


Oh Teresa,

It must have been very difficult for you,but try not to feel bad about it. I work in a school and only told them a year ago. Not sure how many parents know but am very conscious of my limp.

Your evening probably ended on a high as your son is doing so well. I’m sure your sons are very supportive which will be a great boost for you.

Keep upright!

Jen x

Thanks so much for your support guys. Teresa xx

Great news about the boys, it is always so nice to hear of lads doing well at school!

Also I think it great that your son didn’t think that there was anything ‘wrong’ with you and so hadn’t seen the need to talk about it to his class mates.


Thanks for your post Clare. I have four sons and they are all very bright and doing well at school/college. I am so glad they are doing well because I am a primary school teacher and it is lovely that they can buck the national trend! Long may it continue! Teresa xx