Hi everyone,

Some advice would be appreciated please!

I am nearly 3 months pregnant and really struggling with full time work and the fatigue that M.S and pregnancy brings. I am literally just working and sleeping and it is beginning to really get me down, so much so that I am constantly feeling as though I can’t cope. The school has just introduce performance related pay which has added extra stress and I am due an observation soon. I am a Reception teacher and so can’t take time out of the class, apart from our usual break times.


Blimey! I feel sorry for you, it’s hard enough being 3 months pregnant let alone having MS! Surely your school can make some changes for you to be able to cope for a short time, until your body gets use to supporting another person. I wasn’t dx when pregnant, but my goodness it was hard work for the first few months. Don’t beat yourself up for anything you are not achieving at the moment! Take very good care of yourself and the little one.

As I fellow teacher I absolutely feel for you! Apart from being pregnant, I’m going through pretty much the same but I’m in the ‘fortunate’ position of being at the end of my career, possibly on the way to early retirement.

I have been in touch with OH, Access to work and my union rep (NUT) for support. You mustn’t battle through on your own.

Take time off sick! I’ve currently been signed off for 3 weeks for depression as Optic Neuritis as been added to my list of symptoms. I’m sure your GP would be supportive and do the same, especially as you are pregnant. Being observed teaching is the thing I dread more than anything, I never think it achieves anything except to tick their OFSTED boxes.

you and your babies health is more important than work. Look after yourself and go off sick!

Wow Emma. Pregnancy related fatigue is bad enough but coupled with MS fatigue is enormous. My heart goes out to you.

I struggled for nearly eight weeks, then had eight weeks off due unrelenting nausea - turned out I was having twins.

My MS is progressive and I struggled with teaching role for 18 months, in hindsight I should have quit very much earlier.

My advise to you is seek guidance from your Union rep and remember by law ’ allowances should be made’.

take care, kind regards xx

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Thank you all very much.

I was beginning to think it was just me feeling like this…and that i should just get on with it and stop being such a moody cow because i’m literally dead on my feet. At least i’m not throwing up all the time like you Rabbitinon!! I have a support teaching assistant through AtW for 16hrs a week which was helping loads before i got pregnant but to be honest not impacting much on the fatigue levels at the moment. I have contacted my union (again!!) about the way i’m feeling- i have already had to fight the headmaster to allow my support worker, so i don’t hold out too much hope for support or extra considerations but I am willing to try. I was very close to calling in sick this morning and going to the G.P’s but am so scared of being called up to his office on my return that I bottled out. That’s the problem where i work… bullying and intimidation is how it’s run…and I have had enough of that since dx!! But you are all right…I have another life to consider now…and all this stress is not good!! Lets see what tomorrow brings hey!!!


I agree with ommyown, get signed off sick! I have just had a baby so am through all the pregnancy stuff but when I was pregnant, and particularly in the first and third trimesters, I was shattered! Go see your GP and take some time for yourself and your baby. Sod work, it’ll keep! X

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I totally feel for you! I was dx at at 20 weeks and I was barely in work before that. Life is a struggle living with Ms never mind being pregnant. Like rabbitinon said seek advice from union. When I went off on sick my company couldn’t teach me as sick paper stated pregnancy related I spent 4 months of pregnancy off sick and no action could be taken against me. I hope yyour pregnancy goes well xx

Thank you all,

I went to the GP yesterday and have been signed off for 2 weeks…having bloods done for iron and thyroid levels. I also spoke to my line manager- discussed options of reducing hours, so i am feeling much better about things now. I have my first scan on Wednesday- at least i wont have to worry about rushing back to school after it now!! Thank you again for your help x