Having to leave work (Teacher) - please help

Hi Guys,

I have recently turned 30 and lost my job due to my illness. I am a teacher and have tried again at another school. Unfortunately my body could not cope - chronic pain, tremors, fatigue and hellish spacticity followed. I am now in the position of looking for work in other areas - perhaps TA or Secretarial work. I am really upset/broke/worried about the future.

Are there any other teachers out there that have had to leave teaching??

What did you do instead?

I am really depressed (I am clinically depressed) and feel helpless and lost.

Sorry for the tale of woe but I need someone to talk to. I have 1 friend in London and she is often busy so I often find myself isolated, which does not help.

Thank you for your help.


Hi Sorry to hear you have had to give up teaching. I don’t think people sometimes realise the number of hours a teacher works when the children aren’t there! It can be stressful without the added worry and problems of ms. I work as a teaching assistant. I have just gone through occupational health to amend my hours as I found the pain and fatigue too much, so I work part time. Would that be an option for you, to go through occupational health or go part time, or have you already tried that? Working as a TA is very rewarding, without all the added work and stress you take home with you but it doesn’t pay as well. Another career choice also depends on how your ms affects you. For example my right hand and arm have not recovered from my last relapse so doing too much typing and writing is not an option for me. Could this be the opportunity to try something else you have always wanted to do? It is difficult to think positively when everything seems to be going so wrong but I hope you find a way through Sending hugs Mish x

Hi, please dont apologise for your tale of woe. That`s what this site is for…whatever that may be. We are all here for each other.

I`m really sorry that MS has cost you your job. Sounds like you need to work less hours and at something less demanding.

hope something good turns up for you.


Could you do private tuition so you can do as much as you can manage? Axx

Good idea, Arwen!


Hi Anon, I was a teacher - doing supply when I gave up as I have four children and it fitted in with my life. My lack of mobility and fatigue made it impossible for me to carry on, so I am no longer working. Financially, things are very tough and my poor hubby shoulders a huge burden but I wouldn’t have had anything left at all for my family if I’d tried to carry on. Tuition on your terms sounds good or even the odd day of supply here and there but you must take care of yourself and know your limitations! I hope you manage to sort it! Teresa xx

Hi,I was a classroom primary teacher many years ago and actually left teaching when I had my second child. A year later was diagnosed with MS. Once my youngest child started school I got a job as part time TA which I loved but not a huge salary. I then did supply teaching at the school I was TA-again which I loved but not a regular wage. I was then lucky to get a job as a part time education officer for a charity and would visit schools teaching lessons about the charity. I loved this job but due to budget cuts was made redundant. My job now is an education officer for a museum where I deliver different workshops to visiting schools. I have been lucky to find jobs in the education sector which still enable me to teach but without the pressure of school teaching-planning,marking,OFSTED etc… There are jobs about where you can use your teaching skills and I’m sure with your expertise you would be able to transfer those skills. Could you try part time teaching-say 2 days a week or doing trying to get a PPA cover job. Otherwise a TA job which I loved but is less pressurized than teaching. Maybe school librarian work. I hope something turns up. xxx

What level were you? If secondary look into private tuition maybe via skype so you dont have to travel…x