Please advise


I have returned to work and after a couple of fragile weeks, I am settling in and I love it! Teaching pretty vulnerable, tough secondary school pupils, but I am good at it, get a real buzz from it, feel like I am changing individual lives etc…and they like me. Gives me some serious self worth etc…however…

It is exhausting and I am exhausted. School have given me a rest room. I have taken in a pillow, blankets and a roll mat. I teach and whenever I get a moment off, I rest flat. Quiet. Do nothing, until I teach again. My symptoms rise, I rest, my symptoms rise, I rest and on it goes.

Shall I carry on doing something I love, which is useful, whilst trying to manage my significant MS symptoms (losing the feeling in my feet, my face, my tongue, my butt. Etc) .or shall I just quit?

Am I doing real damage?

Please advise, much love ali x

no patience, your school have provided you with time and space to rest, you love your job.

don’t quit until you have to.

it doesn’t sound like you are doing any damage.

the ms did that.

it’s important to hang onto the things you love.

carole x


Don’t quit. You are where you want to be and ms doesn’t define you.

You make the rules.

Keep going and reflect on this a few months down the line. You will feel differently x

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Hi Ali,

I agree with Carole and Amelia, you tell us that teaching is a very positive factor in your life. You can’t put a price on that. Sitting at home at home clipping out coupons and doing the crossword would be a waste of your talents.

Listen to your heart, not your body.

Best wishes,


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I think you will know when you can no longer continue.I had to give up working age 32 i loved my job but it was just too much.After a year of being off work ill and then going back,and been very ill after only 3 weeks of going back, i just knew it was time to pack it in.


sorry to be boring but I totally concur with the previous posts.

I was diagnosed in 1991 RRMS and had some nasty relapses but with support from a good employer I kept working until 2010.

My MS morphed into SPMS 2006 and we had to make some significant changes in my work but still kept things going until 2010 when it was absolutely the right time to take early retirement (due to health issues) So whichever way I look at it I managed 19 or 4 years more productivity. There is huge personal value to staying productive. Your job is particularly valuable and so is your health, you need to weigh up the pros and cons, set the thresholds and boundaries and when the time is right you can make the best choices.

Good Luck


Hi patients, after seeing a neoro Phisio and doing the excersises she suggested ( very spacific to try & help with symptoms, 5 mins a day only). It made a big difference. Good luck with hanging in there.

Thank you for your replies…Another good day teaching, however, I am increasingly on my rest mat! Kept a few more young people off of the street at least! much love x