Kesimpta experiences

Hi everyone! I have recently started Kesimpta injections for RRMS and wondered if anyone else had any experience of this they could share? I’m very lucky, only diagnosed in April and already on DMT through NHS. I had my first self injection last week, all went well, but felt like I had flu for first few days, then caught a cold and did the second weekly jab today. I’ve been feeling run down, mouth full of ulcers (thinking of starting a punk band called this) hot, and really tired. I’ve been told it gets better over the first month of weekly jabs then better once I change to once monthly jabs. Has anyone else had the same experience? I’m feeling really hopeful but just hoping someone can tell me it got better for them. Hope everyone is doing OK. I’m new to this and finding this forum very helpful. Thanks. Hx

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Hi H, I’ve no experience of this drug but just wanted to wish you well. It seems like a really good DMT. Keep us posted how it works for you.

Thanks!!! I have to admit, it’s a weird ride at the moment. I was told that some people give up along the way but I’m really hopeful that this will work. I will keep everyone updated with my experience and hope that it helps others too.

I’ve been approved for Kesimpta but not started on it yet. My consultant said I will have to have a few blood tests first and possibly a vaccination. I’m very scared about starting this. I’ve already been told by my consultant and her MDT that I’m not allowed to have the covid booster because I had terrible reaction to the 2nd Pfizer jab and ended up in hospital so I’m very scared about starting the Kesimpta.

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