Kesimpta advice

Hi all, I’ve recently been given the choice of a few treatment options and after looking into them I have decided to go with the Kesimpta injections.
I’m just wondering if there are any do’s or dont’s you guys that are on Kesimpta could advise me of before first dose etc please?
Also what are the main side effects you have had?
I’ve had a good read up on it but would be nice to hear some advice from your personal experiences.

Thanks in advance!

I have been on Kesimpta for 6mths and am definitely less tired and getting on with life. I was worried by the idea of injecting myself, I was so surprised that it was nothing at all, no visible needle and really didn’t hurt. I feel a bit tired that day but not bad.
Ive had only one cold so same as usual.
Maybe I have been lucky but no fear was needed. Good luck