Keeping Fit

Im really starting to feel in a vicious cycle and wondering how others cope. The worse the issues with fatigue and muscles are becoming The less I’m able to do.

I am just getting into the routine this week of managing the school run but not really being able to do much else.

I feel like my fitness level is pretty much 0 and starting to put on a bit of weight, however if I try to push myself too far I cant function to do the basic things I need to do on a daily bass with two children.

I feel like the less I do the worse my condition will become, so i try to do some pretty basic excersises, take the dog out or house work etc and then end up regretting it and actually its the opposite. The more i do the worse I seem to become, constant resting seems to really help but its debilitating makes me feel pretty useless inside. I just want to get on and get stuff done and Im not sure how to manage this, I’m worried my weight is going to spiral out of control as I’m not active.

hi peanuts

this is the third time i have tried to reply grrrrrrrr!

try a wii fit because you can use it in your home and it will fit in with family life.

check ebay for a good price and make sure it comes with a balance board.

good luck

carole x

How about Tai Chi, I know it sounds a bit weird but with Tai Chi the focus is on smooth, controlled movement which works the body out surprisingly well, helps build core strength and balance - the kids could join in too.