KCR- kinetic chain release

Hi there everyone
This week Im booked in for my first Kinetic chain release treatment.
I will report my experience and review how it makes me feel.
Just wanted to know if anyone else has ever tried this before with MS?
Thanks if you reply :+1:t3:

So just me going to try this then?

I’ve tried fampridine, wasn’t for me. Since January this year I’ve had 5 or six chiropractor sessions, bit expensive though 70 pounds for 20 mins… the above link was a generic to let people see what KCR is not an advertisement, there are loads of people practicing the treatment.

I just wanted anyone who’s tried it to comment.

KCR sounds awfully like a derivative of chiropractic which itself was a spin off from osteopathy. The bloke who started chiropractic was formerly a student of the founder of osteopathy.

The difference is that chiropractic & osteopath are very old now (100 years+) whereas KCR is relatively new: Hugh Gilbert is still alive and clearly built a good living from franchising his technique.

It has enough momentum that clearly, it benefits many of its recipients, but I’d want to know what benefits it offers over the two more established approaches - and pricing structure though at £50 for 75mins it seems comparable. Notably, I couldn’t find any reference to either of the older-established disciplines in Carrick’s website…


Lovely relaxing treatment, next one booked in two weeks time. Some body movements that felt very strange, at one point i felt like i was flying.

Worth a try, made me sleep once i got home :zzz: