Just want to know whats wrong

Hi everyone

I have just recieved a letter from the neurologist and apart from a small disc protrusion at C5/6 and C6/7 everything was completely normal so no sign of MS happy2.

I am happy that it has come back clear, but now have to go back to my GP and push for more tests to find out what is wrong sad

I just want to know what i am dealing with and get the right treatment so i can start to feel normal again.


Hi Claudette,

Good that they didn't find anything sinister on the scan!

Depending on your symptoms, the so-called "small" disc protrusions may explain them.

The channel the spinal cord passes through is very narrow.  So if a disc is protruding, and impinging on it, it will interfere with signals passing through.

You may be referred to a neurosurgeon, to find out whether your symptoms are consistent with mechanical compression at those points, and if so, whether it could be relieved by surgery.



Hi Tina

Thanks, i am really pleased nothing was found on the scan.

I have been discharged by the neurologist so he obviously believes that my symptoms are not caused by the disk protrusion.

My symptoms include

Extreme tiredness, abnormal skin sensations, bowel urgency, balance difficulties, twitches, cognitive difficulties, to name a few.

Although the extreme tiredness is the worst, it literelly feels like my body is shutting down.

I am going to go back to my GP and see what he thinks.


Hi again,

A neurologist would not (I think) be able to deal with disc protrusions, even if he thought they were the culprit.  So I don't think the fact he's discharging you necessarily means the finding is irrelevant.  It just means it isn't anything that would be within his remit.

I still think you might be referred to someone - a neurosurgeon - who does deal with disc protrusions.



Hi Tina

I didn't know that I just assumed it was all the same.

Hopefully the gp will have answers

Claudette x


my neuro said just because they could not see ms on scan didn’t mean not ms which is why she wants LP and more tests and ? MRI again in 3-6mths.

I have prolapse disc at l4-5 with extrusion but she said that would explain the sciatica but not how unbalanced I am?

see your gp and push for further tests or ref to orthopedic surgeon for the slight prolapse although they like to do physio first.

good luck


Hi, no - mine was the other way round. When the doc thought I had a disc protrusion (AKA ‘slipped disc’) I was referred to a neurosurgeon.

He found it wasn’t a slipped disc, and therefore he couldn’t help, so I was referred to a neurologist.

Although both have “neuro” in the title, they’re actually different jobs, and deal with different things. If the cause of your problems is mechanical (a slipped disc pressing into your spinal cord), then the solution will be surgical.

But yes, your doctor will know which road to go down next. If he/she doesn’t think the protruding discs are significant, then Rheumatology might be the next call.



Hi all

Went back to the gp yesterday and he is "stumped" (to use his phrase). He said it is encouraging the the mri was clear but there is still a possibility its MS. So basically we are starting back at the beginning, got to have a full set of blood tests. He said if they come back clear then he will refer me to the neuro again.

I am going round in circles. I was so happy when I read the results from the mri, i thought that was the end of that avenue, now i am back where i was, it is so frustrating letdown.


hi does sound frustrating for sure…go with your gos advice and either back to the same neuro or another perhaps. I don’t think the neuro should have discharged you without explaining why or at least pointing you in the right direction…but at least your gp is supportive and is determined to get ms ruled out and any other tests so the bloods are a good place to start…good luck and let us know how you get on.