Still in Limbo

I had an appt with the GP this am and she looked up the results from the MRI

I have alot of bulging disc’s in my neck none of which are compressing anything and the scan of the brain shows no demyelination or SOL of any of my brain.

So I while I am happy there are no lesions but I am distressed that my GP said I will just probably have to live with all these symptoms. I don’t want to just live with these symptoms I want to know WHAT is causing them!!!

I still have a appt with the consultant in Jan to get the proper explanation of the results.

There is something wrong with me…what is my next step?? What can I ask for to happen next? Since the appt with the consultant I have developed the buzzing feet.

I am numb right now to be honest. I feel so let down by my body and just want to be me again…

A lot of bulging discs is not normal so you definitely need more investigation. It’s great that it’s not MS, but I can’t see how it’s just something you have to live with :frowning:

Hopefully the neuro will know what to do next (because the GP sounds pretty clueless!).

Karen x

Thanks Karen

I am not going to give up. If they start to try and tell me there is no way it isn’t MS I am going to ask for further test such as a LP or the Evoke test. I want them to do everything and anything before they blow me off and if it is definitely not MS I want to know what it then is.

And your right the GP is clueless!

She is now referring me to the Gyn as well for the bladder incontinence as it really is causing irritation.