just the 3 of us again....

Hi, some of you may recall our eldest daughter moved back home to us 4 months ago.

She isnt well…has lupus, RA, thyroid, bulging vertebrae…so needed some mum and dad tlc.

We gave it to her in bucket loads…that`s what we do innit?

Anyway today (of all days with the snow) she left us, in West Yorkshire, for NE Lincolnshire, to go live with her fiance.

They have set a date and booked a village church for their wedding…30th March.

It`ll be her 3rd wedding and all we can do is hope and pray she will be ok. We like our new son in law to be a lot.

So, it`s back to me, him and the fluffball Sophie.


Hi Bouds, just wanted to say I really hope it works out for your daughter as I know you’ll really worry about her. It’s a long way for her to go and not have you there to just pop in and see when she can and you’d done all that work on you’re property too sending BIG ((((((HUGS))))))

Jean x

Hi Bouds

I hope it all works out well for your daughter, poor girl has enough to put up with the problems with her health.

You are bound to worry, that’s what us Mum’s and Dads do so, it makes it a tad easier when they are closer to home.

Fingers crossed for them.

Hope you 3 are coping with the snow, as yet we have only had a bit, take care.

Pam x

Thanks Pam. The snow has all gone…but it is forecast for next weekend

hate the stuff.


At least you have Sophie to spoil rotten.

Happy cuddling

Carole xx