juice detox day 1

Hiya pals. Innit chuffin cold!!! Brrr and then some!

My juicer arrived yesterday. I`m impressed with the quality look, feel and size…not often we can say that eh? LOL!

me and bev went to Aldi to buy all the fresh fruit and veg. We got apples, oranges, pears, kiwis, a pineapple, lemon, limes, beetroot, celery, mangoes, carrots, peppers, sweet potatoes, nectarines, and it came to £22…not bad I thought.

My daughter had written out a menu for me, as she and her hubby had been on the detox for 9 days. They looked and felt much more energetic, and had lost weight. My lass has had digestive problems for years and said she hadnt felt so well for yonks. She was amazed at how sharp her vision has become!

So lunchtime…bev set to and tackled the new kitchen guest…we jumped as the juicer sprang into action, masticating each ingredient and spat out the juice. It seemed quite violent and I wouldnt want to argue with it!

She put in beetroot, sweet potato, 2 apples and half a lemon…huh! there was about 2 inches of liquid in the jug…then she scooped out the pulp and there was a lot of it and re-juiced it…not much more came out as liquid.

I tasted it…very fresh! I knew 2 inches wouldnt satisfy me…size does matter! So she added the remaining pulp to the juice and I needed a spoon to devour it! Bev then set about washing the machine parts…as with all new fangled kitchen gadgets, there were several bitty parts to clean and replace like summat out of Krypton Factor!!!

Then Bev got my tea sorted and we added more than the menu said…beetroot, 5 carrots, a red pepper, 2 oranges and a tomato. It smelt and looked good. Again we added the pulp.

So it`s in the fridge waiting for tea time.

Will we last the full 10 days? I`m hoping so.

Bev will be having an evening meal with her family, as her required energy levels are much higher than mine.

Anyone else given this a try?

I think it would be good for the 5;2 diet.


hi poll

i have a juicer but sadly it is now on the top of the kitchen cupboards where my son put it because there wasn’t enough room on the worktops for his halogen oven.

no way can i climb up there for it.

i used to love juicing, spent a fortune on fruit and veg.

mine came with a recipe book.

one was called Crapple (apple and carrots) named by a 5 year old!

amazing how sweet some of the veg are.

carrots, swede, beetroot are sweetest.

have fun

carole x

Thanks for your reply Carole.

Its a shame you cant get to your juicer, seeing as you enjoyed its performance and offerings.

Cant you ask him about it?


Me again Carole. Dd you eat the pulp?


no poll, i didnt eat the pulp.

mainly because i was so keen i coudnt wait to wash the machine and make the next batch!

but you got the most nutrition from yours.


carole x

Well last night`s teas was a disaster!!!

It was like trying to eat wallpaper paste/papier mache!!!

It was `orrible. I was trying to hide my displeasure as hubby tucked into his spam (I dont like spam) egg and chips. Not that I eat the same as him anyhow. I always try to have healthier food than him…no wonder our food bill is so high when we eat different meals, eh?

Anyway, back to my tea. As I attempted to look to be enjoying my pulp and juice, even the dogs tea looked appetising. I whispered to her, Sophie, will you sell me some of your food pleeeeease?`

She ignored me and there`s me thinking she loves me!

Bev arrived for her sleepover and saw my half eaten tea and wanted it for her supper…but struggled to get it down.

She is having an evening meal and I asked her to describe it to me and could I suck her teeth!!!

Right, so I know what Ive been doing wrong....once youve put the fruit and veg through a juicer to remove the pulp, why the chuff would you add it back in?

How chuffin stupid…idiot woman!

This morning`s brekkie was so fresh, tangy and delicious…and there was a good amount of juice and absolutely NO pulp!

It consisted of blueberries, a kiwi, half a lemon, an orange and 2 carrots. It`s the carrots that make up the volume.

Where`s me lunch?


That’s so good Poll.

I’m so pleased for your daughter.

As you know I’ve lost 4.5 stone on the low carb diet otherwise I would give it a go. It’s taken me almost a year mind and to be honest I feel so much better on the low carb diet I will stick to it I reckon. Hubby has lost nearly 3 stone too.

I reckon I would be on the loo too much on the juice diet.

Good luck huni.

Shazzie xx

the recipe book that came with mine claimed that katie price aka jordan (!) lost a load of weight with his juice recipes.

now that enticed me not one bit!

i bought loads of stuff that i’d never heard of because the recipes mentioned it.

agave nectar and spirulina are the only ones i can remember.

carole x

Day 2 was great and i didnt feel hungry at all.

Bev didnt feel so good…then she realised she hadnt been drinking enough water.

Shes decided to stick with SW on her own.s

Todays juices are all prepared, so lifes good!