Hi gang, I bought a Nutribullet a few weeks ago. Anyone seen them?

They’re this amazing juicer or ‘extractor’ as they call it… for making smoothies in. The best bit about them is they pulp seeds as well and the clean-up is amazingly easy. The blade just rinses under the tap and you drink the smoothie from the container you made it in.

I’m having my main meal at lunchtime and a big smoothie of fruit and veg in the evening. Hoping to get some health benefits and also maybe lose some weight.

Not cheap at £99.99 but I think it’s worth it. I’ve doubled… maybe even tripled my fruit and veg intake (unfortunately so far it hasn’t had an impact on the constant constipation or fatigue).

Hope everyone’s doing ok.

Pat xx

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My son was telling me about this last week, he was thinking about buying one so I’ll tell him what you have said.

I have one query if you blitz your veg does it have the same benefits eating veg whole does? ie eating raw carrots and feeling full plus the energy used to digest, if that makes sense.

Jan x

Pam a friend mentioned them to me too. Unfortunately my budget is tight but please can you let us know how you get on with it and if you find it makes a difference as I will save for one of it’s worth it but at the moment I don’t know if the outlay would be of enough benefit to warrant the expense. I’m frightened of buying a gadget that ends up in the back of a cupboard.

Would a food processor do the same thing? Sorry if that sounds like a stupid question, I’ve never seen one or a smoothie made by one so I’m a bit ignorant.


Cath xx

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Hi Jan, it’s actually better for you because our bodies don’t take in all the nourishment when it’s in sold form. The older we get the harder it becomes as our digestive systems get worse at breaking down the food to absorb the nourishment.

Also, have to say drinking is so much easier than eating it. I would never eat the amount of fruit and veg that I can in a smoothie.

They are amazingly filling.

Pat xx

Hi Cath, not sure about a food processor but certainly a liquidiser or a juicer would do the same… except I don’t think they would break the seeds down. But yes virtually the same.

I think the benefit for me is the clean-up is much easier and it breaks seeds down.

But I know what you mean. I was worried that it would be a new fad for me! Still am a bit.

Took me a while to make up my mind… but really Cath there are other and much cheaper ways of doing it. There are loads of juicers at much better prices!

Hope you’re doing ok,

Pat xx

Hi Pat,

I have one too and use it daily, I wouldn’t be without if for the world.

Hi Cath

​A smoothie in a blender or processor is great…I used to use a normal liquidiser but one of the many advantages of the bullet is that you can add nuts and seeds and also the peel and it’s totally lump free. You can get nutrients from it that you wouldn’t have in a normal diet.

Like you I can’t stand buying gadgets that end up at the back of the cupboard but in my opinion this one is well worth saving for and worth every penny!

Hope you’re both doing well today, take care,

Nina x

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Thanks to both of you. I’ll have a think about it. Unfortunately Jen needs a new bed so saving for that is my priority at the moment. There’s always something isn’t there?

Hope you’re both well. I’m still waiting for Jen’s blood and LP results. She doesn’t seem bothered which is good, but with the threat of both Coeliac disease and MS hanging over her head, I’m a nervous wreck. The weeks seem to be passing very slowly.

Take care

Cath x

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Thanks Pat that’s good to know.

Jan x

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We just purchased a nutri bullet and have had Mine with kale, spinach, beetroot and mixed fruit. This is a great way for me to to eat my veg like this As you don’t normally eat raw veg. My m.s makes me feel lethargic and I have hardly any Energy. So I’m hoping this will give me a boost. I’m only 42 and sometimes feel 80!! I’m looking For other ingredients to use.

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Hi Dana, try fresh pineapple… yummy!

I also make a strawberry milk shake… I use almond milk which is delicious and non dairy.

I’ve noticed my skin looks a lot better since having them… more hydrated and healthy looking.

Unfortunately I have not noticed an increase in energy… but that doesn’t mean that you won’t. We are all different… but it’s such a healthy thing to do! AND so easy!!!

Pat xx

hello everyone. my name is cathi. i have been thinking about getting the nutribullet. i have been having issues with my immune system. i caught another cold and is now going to be bronchitis. is there a specific extraction that ya’ll would recommend? i have also read that i should be intaking 130 grams of protein a day. is there a recommendation for that?

any help would be appreciated.


cathi g

Nutribullet is great. l got mine off Ebay - new. Mine was just under £40. lt includes 3 jugs and two different tops - one is especially for seeds etc. You can use to make pesto/sauces/ even yorkshire pudding batter.

Easy to clean after use.

Cheaper than a Nutribullet .

That is dearer than my Nutribullet. l am impressed with mine -very well made- good solid built gadget.

Theyre cheaper on Ebay but I dont trust sellers on Ebay


They had similar extractors in Aldi just before Easter for much less than the branded ones. I’ve seen them there before so I imagine they will be there again. They do exactly the same as a good liquidiser or food processor by chopping/crushing the fruit and veg so you get the whole thing and it counts as part of your 5 a day (or however many it is this week!). A juicer only gives you the juice. Juice only ever counts as one of your of your allowance no mater how much you drink.

Hello Pat.

I’ve just bitten the bullet (ha ha ha) and ordered one on e bay.

Best wishes to you and Dickie.

That seems a VERY high amount of protein. The average daily recommended imput is only around 45-50g per day - although that is seen as pretty low for weight loss/muscle building and other benefits. Even a highly trained (professional) male athlete is quoted a maximum protein intake of 130-140g per day.

Remember there are 13g of protein in an average egg and 27g in 100g of chicken. That’s quite a lot to get through in a day to get up to 130g plus.

I think the big plus point of the Nutribullet etc is ease of use and clean up. Food processors and liquidiser can do the same job but are more fiddly to clean and a bit difficult to drink out of too!