Nutribullet tasted good

I am really old skool and think all these shakes and protein drinks are crazy but our son bought us one to taste


I actually like the sound of that Don!

Never heard of it before but going to look it up!

Hope you’re doing well, have a great weekend.

Nina x

I’ve got a Nutribullett Don, I really like it. My appetite is poor and I’m not very good with fruit and veg. So this is a lazy way for me of making sure I’m getting my 5 a day. There’s a grinder for coffee, nuts etc. peaky blinders-love it!!

Never heard of it Don, but don’t fancy it, I am such a fussy eater.

Pam x

Pam looks awful but tastes great.

Blossom Peaky Blinders is bloomin great isn’t it?

Nina I think they could become addictive my friends rave so much about theirs YAWN

Don oooops went to sign this as Heather thats what you get for trying to watch racing and not thinking what I am doing

I’ve had a couple of winners Don…be lucky!!

Well done Blossom I just watch and pick one I like but I haven’t placed a bet in thirty year’s. Just as well really coz can’t pick a winner even in a one horse race