health books thoughts

Hi everyone. i have just bought a new counter top food blaster, there book surgests drinks for various ailments and conditions. Got me looking for recipes to help MS symptoms. Im already on the best bet diet. (as best i can be) . Stumbled accross many books about controlling ms the natural way, healing it the healthy way and many other such things. I am split between synical and wow. what are everyones thoughts on alternative and natural treatment/healing and these books?


hi SP

if the books are promoting healthy food, you have nothing to lose.

i have tried a few diets. the best bet was too difficult for me to follow as i ended up hardly eating anything.

juicing was great but expensive.

i honestly believe that if yiu feel it is doing you good then it probably is.

carole x

I’ve just bought myself a Nutribullet!! Nothing to do with dieting, curing anything etc. It’s simply that my appetite has been poor for quite a while now and not been eating enough fruit and veg. Yesterday I had a spinach, banana, pear, apple, blueberry, raspberry smoothie. Not pretty to look at but tastes great :slight_smile: starting on vegetables soon :slight_smile:

I’ve been juicing for a few weeks now. Breakfast is a smoothie of half a banana, quarter of a pineapple, cup of coconut water and then either Spinach or Romaine Lettuce. Lunch is juiced veg and fruit 60/40 ratio roughly with one of my favourites being beetroot / carrot / apple or orange & ginger. Dinner, or supper (depending on which part of the country you’re in) is a salad with some kind of protein, more often chicken. Greatly reduced the amount of red meat intake as well.

Although I didn’t check my weight before starting, I know my weight in last April’s diabetic review and to date I’ve lost over two stone. With the weekly lose around 1-2 pounds.

The important thing is to keep it real, don’t forbid yourself a treat once in awhile, I still have a few pints of ales a the weekend and we will eat out one every fortnight or so.

Good luck with juicing.