jet lag!

Hi-di-hi all!

Got back from my Blackpool holiday yesterday and yeh, I am jet lagged, tho` it is only an hour and a half away…boy! how on earth would I cope with a foreign jolly!

Yep, we sure did have a great time. The weather was mixed but ok and one day was glorious, so we walked and wheeled from Pleasure beach right into the centre and it was truly beautiful. They have spent several truck loads of dosh on the front, with its wide expanses of prom, new trams with 11 miles of new tracks. The trams are amazing. They have built mini stations along the front, with disabed picture on a certain spot and you park yourself there and the tram stops exactly with a door facing you and there is no step, gap or ramp to negotiate.......all the staff are so friendly and chatty. £2.30 to go from one end to tother!

Fleetwood market is fab and we shopped till we dropped!

Our hotel room was tons better tha last years....very spacious and a brand new wet room, similar to, but not as Hollywood` as mine of course!

The joke the week was on me, of course…my carers decided there was a dead woman under my bed called Grizelda! They teased me and scared me silly when the lights went out, saying she was gonna get me. But the joke turned on them when one night, after lights out, they tried to get each other. I thought they were getting me and I kept saying Stop it! Stop it! You pair of buggers! I heard a slight commotion and shouted Put that light on, put that light on!

Then I saw a weird sight…no, not Grizelda, but the lower half of one carer and the upper half of the other, like two halves of different bodies! They were trying to get each other in the dark, had misjudged their target and ended up in heap on the floor. Well, we laffed and laffed so much!

Then there were times when I splashed one lass with cold water and knew it was the wrong thing to do and of course, she got me back when I was in the shower.AAAggghhh!

There was a drag act in the cabaret one evening…Vicki La Plume…so funny and soooo rude! Another huge laff!

So yeh, I had a great holiday and havent found Grizelda in my suitcase, as the girls had said I would, after they spotted her sneaking in. Ooooo eer, eh?

luv Pollx

Sounds like you had a brilliant time, I’m so happy for you. It’s a good tonic going on holiday. Xx

Sounds like you took Blackpool by storm x

a bunch of asbo’s eh?

Good to hear you had a fab time poll. 'Vicki La Plume" lol, sounds like something outta Benidorm :wink: xx

Hi Poll sounds like you really enjoyed it and you did loads. Good for you. Linda x

Glad you had a good holiday.

Ha ha, Poll Sounds like you had lots of fun - Women Behaving Badly - there’s a new sitcom in there somewhere :wink: Tracey x

Oooh sounds fab poll!

I think I want to book in right there now, and see what’s under the bed!!

Freckles x

Sounds lots of fun. Just reading it made me smile xx

Cheers everyone. Yeh, if anyone is looking for a holiday in England, in a hotel which has al the kit we need and turns a blind eye if you crash into a door or wall, then The Bond is the place for you…it cost us £60 a night, for Bed, Breakfast & Dinner, plus entertainment each night.

luv Pollx


sounds like u had fab time.

one of my plans is to get to lancaster via train, maybe blackpool next time? i will mention ur name-maybe u will get future discount for promoting them?! (i hope so)

ellie x

Glad you had a great time. Sounds lots of fun Laughter is the best medicine x

Did you leave Blackpool standing??? Will they let you back in next year???

Sounds like you had a wonderful time Poll, I’m feeling very jealous cause I haven’t ben to Blackpool in years

JBK xxx

Sounds like it was a blast Poll.

Pam x