Hi all.

I had to stop work on Friday and I never thought it would come to this.  Is there anybody out there that could suggest any homebased work as I am terrified of losing my home and I have 3 young children to think of.

I'd really appreciate some feedback if anyone can help.

have you applied for dla and esa if not you need to

I would suggest an appointment with CAB to check that you are claiming everything you are entitled to. Homebased work is a bit of a minefield as much is  long long hours for not a lot of money unless you have particular skills. Harsh as it sounds if you had to give up your job you are probably too ill to earn a living and need to get your benefits squared away and formulate a plan for your home, CAB will help with this.


Hi, I too think home working is poorly paid and hard work too. Tried it myself a long time ago......packing house was covered in green nylon strands, my fingers bled and all for a pittance.

Make sure you`re getting all you are entitled to, yeh?

luv Pollx