Benefits advice

Ok I’ve decided to tick off lots of to do things that I’ve been putting off My doctor told me to sort out benefits etc. So spoke to citizens advice who sent me a form I filled it in and they’ve written and called to say to arrNge a home visit. Which I’ve put off as I’ve been selling kids clothes Callum from birth to now. And willows too. So my dining room and front lounge looks likea kids shop with stuff in the hall too. I’ve just taken willows clothes home from mums so her rooms a bomb site but it just takes so much effort doing everything So embarrassed to let them come. And since it’s citizens advice who want to do home visit what will they want to know. I’ve been told I’m a perfectionist ( though naturally untidy lol) but I just feel out of control just now like I’m just getting by and the to do list grows. Ahhhhhhhhh And deep breathe.

In another life I used to do home visits and honestly – you stop noticing. I’ve seen some things which were pretty bad – and I don’t mean untidy or grubby but for the main part you are focused on the reason for your visit and the surroundings fade into the background. One of the main tenets of Citizen’s advice is to be non judgmental so you can be sure that the advisor will not be tutting at you.

CAB will want to do a benefits check so they will want to know about your NI situation (past work history). Gather together info about child benefit, your rent and council tax, DLA or PIP and ESA situation.

They can also help with debt management so get ready to come clean about overdrafts, bank loans, credit cards, catalogues etc as well as rent, utilities and CT arrears.

I can tell you with absolute certainty that the CAB worker will have seen 10x worse and not care anyway.


Hey Ems, why didn’t you tell me. I can sort this for you. I worked for years in DWP and have done far more than my fair share of this stuff as a social worker. Phone me if you want (removed by Moderator) in case you have lost the number G. Xx