Jane to the rescue!

Well guys, after a long time of uncertainty and faffing about…I have my new 2nd carer.

She is Jane and I met her today. She is 46 and looks 30 ish! Slim, slight build and I hope she can cope with me and my size…I`m voluptuous, not fat!!!

We chatted and gelled well. She lives 5 minutes away and has a car and is quite happy to drive my Billy, when shes covering Bevs hols and sick ness.

So she starts tomorrow and will do Thursdays and Sundays, an hour each time.





Sounds like my type. When can I have her?

when dick docks, as me mam used to seh!


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Fingers crossed that Jane will be the answer to all your care problems. She sounds just right for you. And within a few short weeks you’ll have her ‘trained’ to Boudicas exacting standards.

Just so long as she’s reliable, kind, willing and has a sense of humour, that’s really all you need I should think.

Sue xx

Hahaha AD that made me laugh very loud!! Poll that’s fantastic news roll on tomorrow it’s been a long time coming but they say good things come to those who wait. . That surely makes it your turn xx

P.s the sun has come out Sue and your a duck … are you missing the rain ?? Or is this a nod to our Yorkshire lass? X

Actually I am a goose. Specifically a Graylag Goose. I am rubbish at birds. (All varieties!) But I’ve been to visit some birds today at the Arundel Wetlands Centre and trying to identify just one or two. And there were lots of attractive ducks and geese, although I think most were probably sheltering from the heat, hiding in reedbeds and snuggled up in the shade.

(Even the flutterbys were hiding, we specifically went round a little area which has plants designed to attract them!)

But what have ducks to do with Yorkshire? Am I missing something important?


Its a goose !! I knew really… ahem… that sounds like a lovely day Sue not sure I would have been much good clearly !! xx

Ay up me duck !! X

Sorry, I missed that, must have been an accent problem.


We got lost in translation Sue… well that and my accents are terrible well as good as my geography anyway x ps hope you and baby are getting on well xx you had a baby and poll has had a Jane to be getting on with xx

we dont say duck in Yorkshire.

we say luv and kid a lot.


Jayne`s been. See how she spells it?

She wasnt on time, she wasnt late…she has 30 mins early!!!

I was eating my brekkie as she came into the boudoir.

She only lives 5 mins away, if the traffic behaves. But it is a busy dual carriageway (yeh, we do even have those in Yorkshire) and it can get snarled up quite often…it`s probably due to horses and carts and folk slipping on their clogs!

She was nervous and edgy. I told her no need to be nervous.

I had to show her how to sling me when on the bed. She`d only used a floor hoist before and wasnt trained in use of a ceiling hoist, but again I guided her and we managed.

She was gentle, kind and like me…chatty!

We got on well.

And guess what? Jayne is a published author…on romance and erotica!!!

Ooo Matron…50 Shades of Grey!

More later.


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Now this could be an interesting thread!

Fingers crossed this works out for you Polls. X

well, she sounds a colourful character. I’m sure you’ll soon have up to scratch with the hoist et al.

So pleased you’ve found someone you will get on with.