Hi everone

Just to give you all the heads up, my lovely friend, Jane, who posts so eloquently and wisely on the forum has just come out of hospital having had a ‘fucking heart heart attack’ (her words in a text to me) at the weekend. Sorry Jane when you read this, I just couldn’t resist! ( please leave that in mods?)

She is at home now resting having had stents fitted yesterday so she’ll be recovering with her feet up.

Jane and and I met online here some years ago, I once pm’d her about getting her facts wrong and she turned out to be right. We started emailing and I discovered what a funny, engaging,passionate person she is. We live so far apart usually, so I supposed we would never meet but I was living temporarily in York and Jane got a taxi and train over to meet up.

We just clicked in person instantly. The first thing she said wheeled together at arrivals, both identical chairs, ’ you don’t look a bit like I imagined!’ I was slightly taken back, after all, was she thinking 'ell, I remember her telling us her riposte to people, when they say ‘but you look so well!’ ‘Yeah, but that’s just the effect of my amazing good looks’. She asked me had I expected her to look different, but since I’m now a Londoner I was slightly more reticent.

So we went on to Carluccios and for a very petite person she eat like a horse and we laughed a lot then went back to my apartment for a Yorkshire cuppa and laughed some more, sharing anecdotes and stories about the hateful DWP and it’s paymaster the Con/Dems (we’re practically twins!). Then we both went into deep depression when the Tories got back in -really? What was that about Britain and consoled each other and wondered about our future and considered moving to Scotland.

Yesterday I dropped a ‘it was a right good…’ Into our conversation then claimed ‘there’s the Yorkshire accent coming out’ Jane was categorically not having it - after all what’s a born and bread scouser doing laying claim to the elite vernacular? ( well, you know the Yorkshire stereotype - they don’t like to share); but come on the Wars of the Roses were over a long time ago but Jane immediately generously retracted her greediness ( well, I told you about Carluccios earlier?) and conceded the 20 + years I’ve moved around the county should give honorary membership.

i think we’ll always be friends - you’d want to be if you knew her but if you haven’t voted JC you’ve got no chance - she’s a tough Yorkshire lass is our Jane!

She is one of the people whose posts I always looked out for in the rare occasions I visit the boards - I love how she replies, and the sort of topics she’s drawn to.

So I’m inviting you all to let Jane know all her online pals in everyday living are wishing her a good recovery and I betcha ( betcha? Sarah Palin idiot moment) it won’t be long before she’s back posting her wisdom.

Sending my really good friend my love and best wishes for a good strong recovery

Susi xxxx

Well, you did say I could tell the MSS community your news Jane - you know discretion is not my middle name


Hope you are back on top form soon Jane

Jan x

All good wishes for a speedy recovery Jane, looking forward to seeing you back with us

Val xx

Oh, I’m so sorry to hear this, but thanks for letting us know.

I had that “heartsink” feeling as soon as I saw the post title, but glad Jane has been discharged and is recovering at home.

All the very best for your recovery, Jane, if and when you’re up to venturing back in here and checking your fan mail!



Wishing you a speedy recovery Jane, so glad to hear you’re on the mend

Sonia xx

All the best for a swift recovery and hope you are back dispensing good advice soon.

Hi, thank you so much for letting us know about Jane`s ffing heart attack. Dunno how that one got passed the mods!! Maybe seeing as Wendells is a regular and much loved member here, they made an allowance!

I`m so glad to hear she is mending…us fellow Yorkshire lasses must stick together, afterall.

Im sure it will be heartening for her to read these replies and good wishes. I bet therell be miles of `em when word gets out!

much luv


Thanks for letting us know Susi

Jane - you don’t do things by halves, do you? I’m so glad they got you sorted with stents quickly. I hope you are soon up to dispensing your wisdom and wit on the boards again soon. It’s not the same without you. Get well soon

Tracey x

From one yorkshire lass to another one,

please get well soon soon,hope to see you back on the forum as soon as you pick up.


J x

Sorry to read this Jane.

Hope you’re feeling much better and back with us very soon


OMG, can’t believe it. Jane and I often post similarly on DWP type issues, and generally agree with one another. She is someone who has good sense, valuable information and can be trusted with both her knowledge and political views. I’m so sorry to hear the news and hope she will soon be up and at it again. A friend of mine had a heart attack in June and was similarly fitted with stents. She’s now back feeling her old self apart from feeling tired more easily (like Jane needs more fatigue in her life!).

Good luck and best wishes to Jane.


Thinking of you, sending best wishes x

So sorry to hear this news. Take care and feel better soon.

Best wishes


Jane - all good wishes.


Good luck Jane & hope you’re feeling much better soon

Rosina x

Jane hope you’re resting and getting spoiled by those around you. Your wit and wisdom is greatly appreciated and we hope you’ll be back on the board soon. Get well. Linda x

Oh no, not Jane! Focus on yourself Jane and do what the specialists tell you - they see a lot more cardiac events than MS!

I hope you improve quickly and get your normal routines back as soon as possible.



Thanks for the news, pass on my best wishes.



Thank you so much for your good wishes.

You’d think that having MS should be a persons fair share in the illness stakes but it seems that I greedily required something else! I only rang 111 because my daughter insisted. I quite expected them to say it was nothing to worry about, instead “an ambulance is on its way”

They couldn’t take my w/chair in the ambulance so the first day in hospital I felt like a beached whale but the nursing staff were very kind and ferried me back and forth. As soon as I was reunited with my beloved chair things went better.

I had a stent fitted and was sent home very quickly because I had to leave my mum on her own. Unfortunately the break in routine has thrown her off kilter and she thinks she is just visiting to look after me and will go home at some point. (She has lived with me over 10 years)

Right now I’m feeling very weak, and struggling to cope with the drugs of which there seem many. Im not supposed to go out on my own and I am already stir crazy. It won’t be long before I’m back to normal though. I never surrender my independence to MS so heart disease can bog off.

thank you once again for all your good wishes, I’m sure it won’t be long before I start adding my thoughts to a thread or two. Right now my mind is on the labour leadership election result that will be announced tomorrow. If Jeremy Corbin doesn’t win I might suffer a relapse.


hiya jane

thinking of you.

ellie x