Hello everyone My name is Jane and I’m 44 married with 3 kids ages 15 13 and 10. Diagnosed in 2011 with RRMS. Been relatively well since then with no relapses, luckily. I see a consultant at Salford Royal and I’m on betaferon,since Oct 2011. I started being poorly in April that year with optic neuritis and was unable to walk straight. After a few days messing about hubby took me to A&E and they kept me in,gave me IV steroids and an MRI scan.was diagnosed in August 2011 and started DMD 6 weeks later.Consultant said the earlier I started the better. Have lurked on here a while and thought it was about time I said hi. Due to see consultant this month( only see him once a year anyway). Just wanted to say hello anyway and look forward to getting to know everyone on here .

Hi Jane/Queenie

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Hi Jane You’ve made the first move now, no more lurking :wink: Welcome I’m Sue married two children 19 & 15 diagnosed 1994 RR then moved on to SP in January this year so no DMD’s for me :frowning: You’ll find it really friendly here with someone always able to answer your questions Sue x

Hi Jane,

Welcome to our little group - Like the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy says - we are Mostly Harmless. I been diagnosed for 12 years now but I’m mostly an MS fraud. No drugs, no MS nurse, no doctors visits. I’m the only person I know can be dianosed with something like MS and still not have symptoms serious enough to take a day off work!! Long may that continue though

Take care and do chip in on our weird and wonderful topics.

JellyBellyKelly xx

Hi Jane


Hope you enjoy using this site.

I was diagnosed in 2005 and my friends on here have helped me through the bad times and been there to laugh with me through the good times. You can always rely on us whenever you need a chat!

Look forward to chatting with you.

Shazzie xx

Hi Queenie

I do some lurking on here myself picking up hints and ideas from everyone!

I was diagnosed in April this year and have RRMS.

Was the best thing I did coming on here everyone is so welcoming it made me realise I’m not the only one having weird things going on with my body!

Freckles xxx

Awww. That’s nice Freckles

Shazzie xx

Hi Jane

Welcome to the boards. It’s a great place for support, advice or a giggle.

I’m 48, was diagnosed 4 years ago with RRMS and have one son who turns 20 next week. (I’m going to feel so old when I can’t say I have a teenager in the house :frowning: )

Tracey x

Thanks all. I meant to say that I work evenings and nights so I’m around at some odd times but thanks for all the welcomes ! I am a qualified nurse,26 years just gone. I’m from sunny Manchester too.

Thanks everyone for your support and kind welcomes.

Hi Jane Welcome from me too !! I was diagnosed last year but it has come to light that I have had it since at least 2092. I am 42, married to MrH for two years and recently retired from work on medical grounds. Catherine Xx

Hi Catherine. Thankyou. Are you having any treatment?? Look forward to chatting.

Hi Yes, I’ve been on Rebif since February, an assortment of vitamins and supplements and amytriptilene. And I’ve just realised I put 2092 in true time traveller fashion…I meant 2002!! Xx

hi jane

i’m carole, 55 yrs old next month, 2 grown up sons who still live at home.

i’m from westhoughton, near bolton

it will be good to chat to you

carole x

My husband used to work there Carole at Bernsteins on the industrial estate.

Yeh, it is time you came on to say hello.

Glad you have and happy to read your posts and replies to folk.

luv Pollx

Hi, welcome to the forum.

Lots of good advise and no question is to silly, there’s always someone to answer it or give suggestions.

I’ve got SPMS have had it for over 25 years… very young when I got it!!

Keep well.

Jen x

Hi Jane

Welcome to the forum we are a lovely bunch!!! And always listen.

Im 34 and and have a daughter who is 12 and a son who is 5.

I got my dx march this year with RRMS but think its been lurking around for a few years and decided to rear it’s ugly head last year with optic neuritis leading the way.

I’m on rebif and quite alot of pils as have stacks of symptoms ( JellyBellyKelly is one of the lucky ones with not such severe symptoms as me. she has been a fantastic support to me as has Shepherdess They have helped pull me through a few rough weeks)

You will have some giggles on here and hopefully find it a big support to you, i know i do, coming on here was the best thing i did and wouldn’t be without this forum now!!!

Take Care

Kate x x

hi jane.welcome to the forum,im fairly newly dx. june this year,same week as being 50!! i have been symptom free since the start of this year.no meds either.so i can consider myself very lucky. this forum has become my saviour even though i dont post loads. but the information and words of comfort that i have found here have been invaluable. you will get loads of support here. best wishes kim

Awww Kate, glad we helped.

I haven’t been much help over the past week cause been suffering a bit with an infection in my glands. That wasn’t too bad but the strong antibiotics are a killer. Make me feel miserable which isn’t me!! Had biopsy taken and the results came back today that nothing nasty was going on, just the infection, which has made me feel better cause I was worried.

Soon be back to my normal mad self.

Hope you are doing ok at the moment Kate and have got through the rubbish time you were having.

Look forward to chatting and laughing with you Queenie.

Shazzie xx