A Wee Introduction!

Hi there! I have been diagnosed for around a month. My main issues at the moment are balance, vision and of course the dreaded fatigues!! I will be looking through for advice and I’m looking forward to meeting you all at sometime or another!! WeeFoosty

Hello and Welcome.

I hope you will find all the help and advice you need from the good folk here - post away!


hello wee foosty or can i call you wee for short?

welcome to the gang

carole x

Hiya WeeFoosty,

Welcome to the family. We have all sorts of experience on here. We are mostly a good bunch and whether you need someone to laugh with you, cry with you, rant & rave with you or you just want to share - you will find someone on here to help.

Take care


Hiya WeeFoosty.

Welcome to this brilliant site. I have been using this site since diagnosis 8 years ago. I’ve made loads of friends during that time as I am sure you will too.

Like JBK says we are there for you whether you want help or advice from those of us who know how you are feeling or whether you just want to share a joke with us and have a good laugh.

Look forward to chatting with you.

Shazzie x

Hi WeeFoosty Hello and Welcome! Jane xx

Hello and welcome. This is great place to discuss how you are feeling and ask for other peoples experiences. I had confirmed dx at end of Jan and the people on here have been great when I’ve asked questions or had to vent my frustration as well as encouraging you along on your MS journey. Barney

Hi wee-footsy

Hello and welcome to the forum, you always have someone to give you a reply of encouragement, support and a sympathetic ear. Jude. X

Greetings,and welcome to our lifeboat.There’s nobody wants to be in this club and we’ve all been in your situation. Don’t be shy about answering posts that are in your sphere of knowledge. This slightly rickety tub will make things that little bit easier and you might have the occasional titter,

Be lucky,


Welcome WF, I too have very recently been diagnosed (18 September 2013, do you ever forget the date you’re told this news?), and already I would be lost without this site and Forum, a real lifeline. Thank you guys, and welcome again WF, post away!!

Missylala :slight_smile: x

Wee Foosty and welcome

I hope you will find us a friendly bunch. I wish I had stumbled across the forum a little sooner. It’s a good place for advice, support, a moan, rant or just a good giggle or gossip. Look forward to chatting with you in the future.

Tracey x

Hi there I joined the forum last week after lurking a while. I have been diagnosed just over 2 years with RRMS Welcome x

Climb aboard mate We won’t bite , not unless you want us to Great bunch on here have helped me so much Gray