New here

Hi I’m Lee, 35, recently diagnosed and just joining for support

Welcome Lee. We’re a very helpful, supportive and often humorous bunch here. Depending on your sense of humour of course… I’ve been given really good advice and support from other posters. I know you will too. Sorry to hear about your diagnosis; you’re in the right place. Look after yourself. xx

Welcome to the forum Lee,you will get lots of support on here-anything you are not sure of someone will be able to answer your questions, hope you are keeping well. Cathy


Hi Lee,

Sorry to hear about your diagnosis. The people on here are a great support. Keep safe and warm, brrrrrrrrrrrr! x

Lee, Welcome to the group, as a recent joiner, I have found this group very informative, helpful and all around great people, you can post just about anything (related) and someone will always lend an ear or advice. Greg

Lee and Welcome

Tracey x

Hi Lee

Welcome, if you need help and advice this is the place to be

Welcome Lee to this brilliant site.

There is always an ear to listen here whenever you need one.

I was diagnosed 8 years ago and have been a member of this site since then. I don’t know what I have done without the lovely people here.

Look forward to chatting with you.

Shazzie xx

Hello Lee,

All sorts of people on this site with all different types of MS and loads of experience of different syptoms.

The wide knowledge twe all have is help everyone.

Stay well.

Jen x

hi lee

welcome to our happy band!

just because you won’t be aware of what is available - here goes

ms therapy centres are great places for meeting other people with ms and offer some great therapies

HBOT hyper barric oxygen therapy is excellent.

MS Life is on next summer in manchester. its a huge exhibition with loads to see, lots of speakers on and well worth a visit.

carole x

Hi Lee,

Welcome to the world of MS (although maybe welcome isn’t quite the right sentiment). I’ll just say ditto that all that lot above and shut up.


Hi lee Great people on here,like having a bunch of close friends,in an exclusive club that no one wanted to join Take care Gray

Welcome lee I have been here a while having being dx 11 years ago aged 33. Does your name give an indication of your appreciation of that great sport… Rugby league. Happy to share thoughts, ideas & general gripes. Neil

[quote=“Gray”] Hi lee Great people on here,like having a bunch of close friends,in an exclusive club that no one wanted to join Take care Gray [/quote] I know it’s not funny but your phrasing really made me chuckle! Do you think a sense of the ironic comes free with diagnosis? xx

Well let’s face it we ought to get something free lol besides all the crap

Hi Lee Welcome to The Club… Jane xxx

Thanks for all the welcomes and yes Neil my name does reflect the mighty rhinos lol