Hi Jane Hello and Welcome! Great you’ve joined the forum. I was dx this year. Not on any meds and v lucky that I have mild symptoms, to date. I’m 43 with 3 children. This site has been my ‘one stop ms shop!’ The forum support is fantastic and everything you ever need to know (and more) is at hand in the resources section. There are some fantastic people on this site who take time to make sure no-one is left feeling lost and alone. Best Wishes Jane xx

Hi Jane,

Fairly new here too, completely agree with Harlequin Rose, I’m in the same sort of position as her, 44(ok 45 in two days but am clinging on to my youth! Who am i kidding…). Now separated, two children, diagnosed and am waiting to see what happens next. This forum is a good place to chat and get info.

Have a good weekend and remember, shit happens, if it happens can you do anything about it? Yup, smile and carry on…


Hi and welcome :slight_smile:

I’m 43 and married with a 21 year old step-daughter.

I was only diagnosed at the end of April (I was still teaching pole-fitness classes in March and only took a break when I couldn’t actually get out of the bath!) then in my follow up appointment I as told likely PPMS so I’m sticking to the day job now (financial services…yawn)

I love this forum as it’s therapy in itself talking it thru with others in the same boat :slight_smile:

Sonia x

Hi Jane Welcome. I am 30. Married 4 years. Have a 15 month old daughter. I work full time. I love/loved keeping fit and am/was a dancer. I hope some day to be able to dance again! I also run for fun. I have an amazing group of friends who I love dearly but can’t talk to them about this as I don’t want them to see me differently. I have a great family who have had their fair share if upset and loss so I protect them too. I love the support on this forum and the way it makes me feel less lonely and crazy when I have these weird symptoms that only these guys understand. Love Lilly xxx