I forgot to introduce myself sorry

Hi All
I must apologise I joined nearly 3 weeks ago and never introduced myself, so here goes, I’ve got rrms diagnosed 8yrs, I lost my job in 3 months and been at home since, I have husband and two kids boy 12 and girl 13, I have a number of rescue animals and believe these keep me going, I use a wheelchair on the odd occasions but generally get around ok, I live 3 miles from any shops in the middle of a woodland so I don’t get to mix much, you all seem to know each other on here and I’ve loved joining in, you seem like a great group of people and its so comforting to suddenly feel like I’m not on my own, hope I’ve not now bored you all to death.

Jane x

Hi Jane

Just wanted to say will find loads of informative

help on the boards.


Take care



Hi Jane and will find loads of support here and if you wanna laugh join the longest thread called where are people from on just diagnosed. I should work in a nightclub in pain, call this a flyer.


Welcome to the forum. It's great here although there are some who are slightly more bonkers than others



Hi Nikki

I thought it was called a coping strategy. You do need sommat for that cough :slight_smile: x

Hi Jane, lovely to meet you and welcome. Karen x

Its a great coping strategy and you make me laugh as well. Funnily enough my cough seems a lot better lol


Nice one - take care x :slight_smile:

Oh yeh Nikki
Toy just chill out 2moz in the tumble drier, you be ok, n don’t take your bricks

Hops it all goes well
Mike x :slight_smile:

Oh yeh Nikki
Toy just chill out 2moz in the tumble drier, you be ok, n don’t take your bricks

Hops it all goes well
Mike x :slight_smile:

Ignore toy other things on mind

Hi Jane
Nikki said I was a bit nutty

It’s cheered my evening up, and lovely to meet you all

Jane x

Hello Jane and welcome I'm pleased you decided to join our happy little band.

You take care, oh and btw that's a picture of my cat called Tupac!!!  (My son's choice of name)



Hi Janet
Tupac looks lovely, I have 4 cats plus one that lives here but not mine, I rescued my four they live in my barn, will only eat whiskers very fussy boys, but I don’t mind they keep the rodent population down, and are lovely company.

This picture is Ellie one of my Donkeys

hi jane and welcome...

i've been coming here for the last nearly two years and it's been really friendly and everyone will try and answer any questions you have...

take care


Thanks everyone its lovely to meet you all and to feel a part of something and not alone with the MS I’ve always tried to look on the bright side of life, and get on with it but I’ve always had a gap where people don’t understand, I think being here has filled that gap, at last people that really do understand and that’s really lifted my spirits


Hi Jane just wanted to say hello my name is Janette,Iam 43 married 20 years i have a son 14,a dog called rosie she is 5.I love animals .                                                 Janette x

Hi Jane,
Great to meet you and welcome!

I joined a few weeks ago and everyone here is lovely and very helpful :slight_smile: