IVF and MS

Hello, have just finished my first IVF course/attempt without a positive. I’m currently feeling feeling wiped at out at the moment and even walking a short distance (from the front door, past the front garden to the car outside the house) feels like a struggle, to the point haven’t been able to go to work. Apart from feeling useless and difficulty breathing as anyone else had the same difficulties after going through IVF? Or a happy outcome? Xx

Hi Missy Moo We did IVF and our first round failed…it was very disheartening and stressful and a massive ask of your body. I then had a small sensory relapse. At this point my neuro advised me to stop, have Lemtrada and then continue with IVF. I choose to continue with IVF and our 2nd attempt was a success(only 1 out of 10 embryos survived) and I now have a beautiful 2 year old daughter. As with MS, IVF will vary from person to person. I don’t know about the breathlessness, but I can relate to feeling useless - I felt like my body was failing me in so many ways at that point. I am very happy to chat if you want too… I have to say I didnt find that much support - more people questioning me as to why on earth I would have a baby and how would I look after it…I can honestly say doing IVF and having my daughter was the best thing I ever did and I am glad I didnt let MS stand in the way of me trying to have a child. Good luck - msg me if you want to, I only really come on here when I am at work (dont tell the boss) xx

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