Newly diagnosed and considering IVF

Hi all,

Just diagnosed last week… Not a great surprise after optic neuritis back in 2020 but still finding everything difficult to process. Sending love to anyone going through the same.

I was wondering if anyone had any experience with DMTs and IVF and/or pregnancy? We conceived our son via IVF and would like to try again for another baby this year if we can. My neurologist knows this and would like me to consider one of the pregnancy friendly DMTs. I’m a little nervous taking any medication during pregnancy although I know it’s probably sensible that I don’t wait until after a possible baby is born if I want to keep my MS in check (currently lucky to have very few symptoms) - any experiences or advice very welcome.

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Hi. Yes, we are on the same boat. I also had ON in 2020 and eventually received my diagnosis last September. I am working on preparing my body for IVF and I am on plegridy which is concedered rather safe for IVF and pregnancy. It will be our very first child, I am nearly 44 years old. Neurologist said to me that tysabri would also be an option for me of my MS became very active, but so far so good. Tysabri is not as well tested in pregnancy, so I was a bit sceptical. In any case, please talk to your MS nurse. Btw, I had issues with my prolactin, and there is limited research out there connecting high prolactine, ON and MS.

This is a difficult area (I had my own version of it) and there aren’t any definite right answers - I guess it’s all a matter of trying to balance off risks and benefits with as much much information as you have (which will never be quite enough for comfort). It is a sad fact hat MS tends to come along at an age at which women have these kind of decisions to wrestle with.
Good luck with your decisions (and I do think that luck is what these things boil down to in the end).

Thank you, that’s really kind. It is such a cruel decision to have to navigate as well as the diagnosis, especially when the facts aren’t totally clear.

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Thanks for responding Maria :slight_smile: that’s good to know you’ve found a safe treatment plan to start your family. How are you finding Plegridy? My neurologist had discussed this option as well as Ocrevus although I don’t think that’s compatible with pregnancy. We’ve been through IVF once before so if I can answer any questions for you I’d be happy to. I think I had my prolactin levels checked at the time and they came back normal but that’s very interesting that there’s a possible link. I’m meeting with my MS nurse on Monday so I’ll see what she recommends.