pregnancy and MS

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I’m relatively new to MS and all info associated, so I apologise in advance if I say something silly or oversimplify things. I am also maybe jumping the gun here since I have only just had a diagnosis confirmed (after the possibility only being raised during the summer) and have yet to see an MS nurse, but my head is swirling with questions.

The neuorologist says from my second MRI my MS looks to be fairly active - there are several new and also several active lesions since my first MRI 3 months ago. As a result he has suggested considering a more effective DMT to start such as cladribine and tysabri. I’m generally exhausted and my legs are very stiff but I’m coping, I feel like I have been living with this for a while but it has only been a case of Optic Neuritis which prompted investigations.

The thing is we would really like another baby (I have a 21 month old) so I don’t know what to do. Has anyone only taken the first dose of Cladribine (i.e. 5 days and then 5 days a month later)? Does anyone know if it possible to start a different DMT after having a baby?

Will the MS nurse provide any recommendation, it seems like a big decision. My original thought was that copaxone would be the best choice but the neurologist seemed keen to point out the other options.

Thanks in advance x

This may help you decide;

Thank you, this is incredibly helpful.

I’m starting cladribine soon. I’ve been made very aware of the risks to a fetus during the treatment and up to 6 months after. Personally, I’d either have another baby and then consider cladribine once baby’s born. However, bear in mind that cladribine can floor you for a while so not ideal with a newborn…also, no breastfeeding on cladribine. The other option would be to have cladribine now but then baby plans would need to be put on hold. I would go for copaxone which i believe can be taken during pregnancy if you want a baby first. I was on tecfidera too. Not for pregnant women but maybe after baby? Not as extreme as cladribine but also very effective and i had no side effects.