Starting meds

A few months ago I was diagnosed with highly active relapse remitting MS. I am 21 and was told the cladribine/ mavenclad would be the best for me currently. This or Kesimpta. I was told this by the doctors at the private consultation, however, when i went to my NHS doctor i was told that private doctors give you more aggressive treatments?
I am unsure if I should start on cladribine as my MS is highly active? I have never taken drugs for MS and have no major disability? I was told my body is very good at repairing itself, hence why i seem well despite the heavy lesion load on my MRI, lesions down to T12

So my question is, should i start with cladribine? It was recommended by two private doctors
Or start easy with Brabio, which i was told by my NHS doctor?

I read recent studies and saw that there was better outcome with individuals that started on a strong DMT, I am a medical student and do not wish for MS to take over anytime soon so was thinking cladribine to start?
Please help because i am completely unsure of where to start and where to go after 2 years?
I thought Kesimpa

Thank you very much!!

You should definitely go on the most effective DMT asap to avoid permanent disability. Have they offered Tysabri? If you’re JCV negative, it would seem a good option or Lemtrada. Read Bart’s MS blog and follow Prof. Gavin Giovanonni on Twitter and his blog. He would suggest Lemtrada or stem cell treatment.

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Oh my goodness, get on the most effective treatment you can as fast as you can. Doctors can be a bit casual about preserving CNS function when it’s your CNS and not theirs. It’s no good trying to play catch up once the damage is done: the only show in town is to stop the damage happening.
Good luck.