I've got a little list


I like a list. It’s an undemanding read and gets to the point. You may agree or disagree but it’s in the context of the beast.

Best wishes from a wet Crowborough.


Love it Steve, mine would be quite similar but Tea would be the most important on the “in” list short, dark, damp and dreary days would feature high on the “out”

Enjoyed reading it


I love the list Steve. Definitely Ginger cake would be on mine , Costa did a lovely ginger muffin over Christmas time it had a syrup center and a tiny gingerbread man on top …it was lovely Frazer and Isabelle loved it too. On the bad list is definitely cars parking on pavements, I don’t mind too much if they leave a big gap but twice recently I’ve been unable to get through. My other pet hate is people parking in disabled bays without a badge …I find it infuriating although I was happy tosee one culprit get a parking fine recently. I have my own lists usually to do lists like " get showed, get dressed , put some make-up up, ring school ect. It just helps me to focus. Some days I manage a lot of things on the list other days I just screw it up and start again the next day. Michelle and Frazer