It's my turn to be diagnosed today!

Well it was CIS in October, but now it is officially RRMS. To be honest I was relieved as I am desperate to go on DMDs and try to reduce these relapses. The thing that did shock me though was that he said I was borderline eligible for stage 2! I didn’t realise my MS had been that aggressive. I am being referred to Oxford and they will decide between stage 1 and 2 DMDs. Now to fill in the DVLA form, such fun!

Hi, so sorry to hear your news, but in another way pleased for you that you finally know for sure, it must be a relief in some ways to know and understand what you are suffering from.

Your situation regarding stage 2 MS is worrying. I often wonder if the length of time it takes for so many people to get diagnosed and hence treatment might mean that someone is more likely tp progress to the next stage. keeping fingers crossed for you.

You sound positive and level headed and i think positive thinking can really help< I can tell that you are someone who is not going to allow this to beat you.

Hope all goes well with the next tests, let us know.

Sending hugs {{{ x}}}

Bunny x

Well, I am sorry you have joined the club that no one wants to join, but welcome.

I have heard that occasionally someone goes straight on the stronger stuff without trying one of the first line DMDs (the interferons and copaxone) on account of how the neurologist judges their MS to be behaving from all the evidence (incl MRI). It isn’t unheard of, so try not to be too alarmed: they are just trying to get you on the right one for you. Whichever way the assessment goes, at least you know that they are on your case and keen to get it right.

I expect you are feeling a bit shell-shocked. Even if the news isn’t a surprise, it is still not fun to hear the words. Hang on in there.


‘Commisulations’ to you! Here’s hoping that they can now help you to manage your symptoms. I’m glad for you that the news comes as a relief and a {hug} for the next bit of your journey. :heart:

Glad you can now get some treatment but sorry for the news Xx


Unlucky mate but I bet you are glad today gave you an answer!


Sonia x

Sorry to hear you’ve been diagnosed with ms but like you say, you can now start on the right treatment.

You sound positive about it, which is good.

Take care

Sorry to hear of your diagnosis but good luck with the treatment you can now get x

Thanks so much everyone. It’s also managing everyone else’s reaction to the diagnosis I’m already finding :frowning:

[quote=“Puddinglover”] It’s also managing everyone else’s reaction to the diagnosis I’m already finding :frowning: [/quote] So true. It would be funny in another context - wouldn’t it? - having to try to be the sensible reassuring grown-up when you are also the one who has the wretched MS dx to handle! Good luck. Alison

So true, following my recent diagnosis of RRMS, I feel so sorry for my family, my husband whose mother died of progressive MS and my daughter and mother who are devastated. Have to stay positive and hope the relapse subsides soon

I understand when you say you were relieved to finally get a diagnosis.

For me it felt like a relief I didnt want MA but I also found living with many possibilities of what was wrong really hard to deal with.

I hope you start on a treatment that works for you soon.

Good luck

Melli x