Diagnosis of sorts

Well, spoke to the neuro today. Likely MS but currently going with CIS as current dx. Not sure how I feel. Part of me wanted a firm dx so I knew what i was dealing with, whilst another part of me is awash with relief. Just feel as if I’m still in limbo land and a little frustrated - grrr!

you have us chuck


As Medion said you have us. I think I remember from your previous posts that you’re in your late fourties so thats also good as if this is MS a later presentation can sometimes be better news. I can’t remember your history and symptoms definiiteively but remember if the neuro is saying CIS there is still a chance you may not progress to full blown MS.

Whatever happens we are all here. I understand your frustrations. I’ve been possible MS for the last year and bit and it’s agonising not having an answer so you can accept things and get on with dealing with it. But then you don’t want to have something wrong. Your dammed if you do and dammed if you don’t.




I’m a CIS person too. I’m finding it difficult to know what to tell people. At least we don’t have to tell the DVLA.

Thanks for your replies. Feel a little more positive today - given myself a bit of a talking to and plan to get on with as much as I can over Chrismas, and as Puddinglover says, at least I don’t need to tell the DVLA! Suspect there will be ups and downs in the coming months but it is great to have support from those of you kind enough to reply on the forum, thanks guys. Here’s ((hugs)) to you all. Susie

Thats interesting, I have a likely MS diagnosis and I was told I had to tell the DVLA. Much to my annoyance.

Number08, I think it depends what you get in writing as a diagnosis, not verbally. Mine says CIS which you don’t have to declare unless your symptoms necessitate it.

Hi Susie, I spent many years in limbo and several in PPMS land too. Then that changed to HSP, then back to PPMS again.

Life has been a rollercoaster of emotions. Seen 16 different neuros…felt like I was pushed from pillar to post.

My current diaqgnosis isnt a full one, so know how you feel hun.

luv Pollx