It's 2.15 am and can't sleep

Hi, just need a whinge, why can I feel so tired but can’t sleep I have to be up in 5 hrs to get ready for work. I have got pins and needles everywhere, spasms in my legs and totally fed up. Tonight I can honestly say I have had enough of this bl------ disease . My usual positive attitude has done a runner and I need it back. Sorry for the moan just needed to vent at someone or something, I hope most of you are tucked up in bed fast asleep. Karen xx

I sympathise, was awake at 2am myself instead of my normal 4am. Not a happy bunny to say the least!

Being tired is hard enough when you are fit and healthy. Hope you nodded off but i wish i was going to work, being off is so boring.

Take care Sonia x

What a shame - we could all have had a good chat. I was awake too with spasms and my usual extreme pins and needles - where are my feet?

I’ve also had enough of this miserable illness

Best wishes, Karen

Hello, I have similar problems. I usually fall asleep quite quickly and sleep for 3 or 4 hours. Then I wake up and all the spasms/pain etc seem magnified at that time of the night and it can take several hours before I drop off again and then it's never long before the alarm. Getting my mind off the pain is my problem. I keep the radio on through the night (Radio 5 Live) and try to focus on whatever they are talking about rather than myself.

I never get a good night now - given up expecting one too! Good luck.