Well its 1am and I’m up again not being able to sleep, because of the dam pain and discomfort, it drives me mad and I know I’m not on my own…Just on sofa reading and thought I’d come on here…Hope you all sleeping well.

Jean x

sleep? I’ve heard of that.

It’s supposed to be good for you.

I’ll let you know what it’s like when I’ve tried it.

carole x

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Ha Ha or not as the case may be, I got about 3hrs last night, feel bloody awful this morning, so my intention is to go back to bed and try again. Sorry you weren’t sleeping, honestly these are the things people have no idea about, nurses, neuro’s, GP, no idea, oh well onwards and upwards.

Jean x

try reading a children’s book that you liked in your childhood - by chance I found one of my old Enid Blyton books - read it in bed and suddenly zonked out as I used to do as a child when reading in bed !

Am listening to Harry Potter being read by Stephen Fry. Thats fast becoming my 3am default and it never fails

Try LBC (Leading Britain’s Conversation) on the radio during the night (IF you can receive it of course), absolutely hilarious, interesting, annoying people phoning in, wonderful people phoning in, great presenters, etc etc etc…, everything to keep you awake!.., BUT you MIGHT fall asleep and if not, you at least forget about the fact that you are annoyed that you cannot fall asleep…, just a suggestion…

Hi, thanks for all your replies, I did sit and read, but when the pain gets this bad nothing seems to get through, I do use things to help with this, but as some of you will know, sometimes nothing helps…thakfully I had a better night last night, hope you all did too.

Jean x