Another sleepless night

Almost 2.30am and I’m sitting here wide awake. I went to bed around 11.20pm, feeling tired. Having laid there for a couple of hours, counting sheep, trying to mediate, trying rhythmic breathing, singing various old songs in my head, I figured I may as well get up as sleep eludes me.

I can’t be the only person on the forum awake surely?!

Hey.i have broken sleep it sucks.2am…430am…5…it goes on.i feel for the fatique only makes it all so worse in daytime.i use a deep relaxation tape i got from a sesion with a hypnothrapy guy …it really helps.i use it on an old mp3 player with earphones.any relaxation tape may help you swithch of and let go.mines a talking one.


i’m like a zombie, i have the walk of one and keep the hours of one too.

maybe it’ll come in for a fancy dress party??

the worse thing is that when i DO manage to sleep more then 4 hours my legs totally seize up.

i like naff tv so it’s a chance to indulge in tattoo fixers and the like without having my husband and sons pull faces.

Tatoo fixers is pretty funny so its not so bad! Im struggling with severe fatigue which in turn is giving me si joint probs , arm and shoulder pain ,with also a pinched nerve in neck and chronic whiplash , and me good old ms so im guessing its why i cant sleep! Sorry guys just felt like a moan i do apologise.lack of sleep does weird things .but they do say ms ers tend to wake up feeling like theyv had no sleep even after a good night.i do hope you all get some relief from the zombie nation

I meant as i cant get out much im siezing up!! Yep im just like a zombie now lol

I always used to think eight hours sleep was essential. Recently I’ve been going to bed after midnight and waking up between 6am and 7am, and I feel fine. So maybe I’ve been having too much sleep. I did have a broken night’s sleep a few days ago but that was probably because I was worried about some missing tablets.

I know how frustrating it is when you can’t get to sleep, or you keep waking up. When it happens to me I don’t fight it. I find that reading can help. I can read lying on my side (I usually sleep on my side) and sometimes find myself falling asleep with the book in my hand. If all else fails I get up and do something else, like knitting or watching TV/DVDs. If I fall asleep while doing it, fair enough. If not, I can catch up on my sleep some other time.

I think each persons different really.i try to go about 10 .it used to be later.but routine is meant to help.but i wake at say 2 or more recently 430-5 but may drop back off (if im lucky) tv for me wakes up my brain so i lay still in the dark and listen to a relax tape.its really hard getting that happy medium but it is an ms symptom so i think well all have to plough on trying different things i guess

Morning folks. Went to bed at 3.30am. Must have fallen straight to sleep. Woke up at 9am. Tired eyes now, but not sleepy tired. I’ve tried those tapes in the past but ended up being annoyed with the smug voice on it! Love tattoo fixers. Alice is just so girlie she’s adorable and Sketch is probably my favourite. Wish Place in the Sun was on in the small hours. Love it! Thanks for the private message Charlie b. I don’t always check them out though. Sun is shining today. Wonder how long I’ll last before I close my eyes for a while? Joints will be stiff and tight. I never have a siesta though. Thanks for the chat people.

No worries it helps a tad doesnt…people that"get us"well my tapes by a real hypnotherpy chap…den clare …here on the iow so sorry youv only had the crapier ones! For me i simply cant function with out sleep my ms symtoms are awful .cognitive function and fatigue is an understatement! Im so sorry for you and you poppy youv got it bad sleeping tabs? Its not the best route i know …herbal ones maybe?

Poppy, sometimes I just go with it. I’ll sleep in the chair if I need to.

A change of eating times might help.

Best wishes.

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Being awake in the night is crap. It happens to me quite frequently. Either I can’t get to sleep cos of bloody spasms in my legs or burning hot feet or some other reason, so I get up, make a drink (hot milk or hot chocolate) then try again.

Or I wake up like clockwork at 3.30 - 4am. It’s always been a case of wake up, go and have a wee, but now since the SPC I don’t have to (one night I did, got out of bed, into the wheelchair and it was only looking at the night bag and thinking about picking it up that I went ‘doh’). I still wake up at the same time every night and sometimes I’m awake for hours. I try to read for a while - kindle always by the bed - then have another go at sleeping, but it doesn’t always work. And sometimes I wake up at least every hour all night long.

I take Zopiclone to help me sleep but of course it’s habit forming, so I try to restrict it for when I really need it. Often I take it on a night when I know I have to get up early. Paradoxical maybe, but they’re the nights when I know I could do with sleeping properly for the hours I’ve got; I can’t catch up by sleeping in late. Zopiclone does work pretty well, but you can have vivid dreams on it. (Sometimes that’s quite good, like watching a film or moving back in time to when I could walk, run, do any number of things that only happens in dreams now!)


I might try having dinner a bit earlier Steve. Thanks. I try to fight any sleepy feeling during the day, as I feel it’s a “waste” of my life! Stupid, I know.

Sue, that could be written by me, except for the spc. I’ve never been a great sleeper anyway and eventually I do catch up. It’s just annoying though because it’s during those hours the dark, or scary thoughts seep in. You know the ones. Those ones about the future or ones about whatever is troubling us and we’ve no control over anyway.

Today though, the sun is shining and tonight seems a long way off. :slight_smile:

Clock watching is the the worst thing right but i want to know how much longer iv gota lay in bed unable to sleep! So annoying . Maybe ill try watching a real boring program before hand!

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You feel like the only person in the world in the middle of the night, when you cant sleep.

A trick I found that helps me and others who I have passed it on to, is not to look at the clock.

Give it a go and see if it helps. Hopes so.


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I go to sleep with my iPhone on, listening to older programmes on BBC Radio 4 (incidentally it’s supposed to be the best as there’s no, or very little, music) I’ve downloaded the app and ‘My Radio’ and am ‘following’ or using ‘listen later’ to lots of programmes. They’ve now updated the app, so if I start off on one older episode of The Archers, ( I know, it’s sad, but it feels like I know them all!) it now goes on to the rest. I also like All in the Mind, The Moral Maze, Inside Health, File on 4, You and Yours, Thinking aloud,The Listening Project, PM and lots more. When I wake at 5 I’m listening live and waiting for the Today programme - I like this but the news is on a loop so I often drift off. I’m sort of half listening to them all then drifting off to sleep. I use breathing, meditation as well but mainly radio. In fact I have a bedtime ritual of listening to the 15 minute drama, which now rolls on until I’m all ready.

Of course I do take mega medication for sleep, which I rotate. If anyone is desperate, over the counter Sominex is brilliant. It does make me even more zombie-like next day. But it beats a sleepless night and increased pain.


I’ve heard that reading a very technical book on something that wouldn’t interest you can make you sleepy.

You could always start at post one of the Brain Fog thread and see how far you get before falling asleep …

Has anyone ever noticed that the cat in your profile picture looks the very image of a ‘Familiar’? I only mention it because I know that Carole is actively searching for potential Coven members. I don’t mean to suggest that you are any kind of wicked, or indeed a witch, but just that you may be approached. So you might need to think up an excuse or rationale for the appearance of your animal companion.


That is my handsome Arnie. Picked up in a back street in a nearby town. About 10 days old and had to be hand fed for a while. As far as he’s concerned, I am his mum and he adores me. He knows nothing else. Now eleven years old, his behaviour isn’t normal for a cat. It would be a brave person who would attempt to take him away…to a coven or otherwise!

Witch? Oh I’ve been called worse! xx