Just slept 18 hrs & still feel shattered, who else gets this ?

Hi All. Since last Friday I have started to feel really tired/shattered (more than normal) I have been sleeping twice a day then right through at night time, yesterday I got up as norm felt really tired went to bed at 1:30pm and that was me till 8:30am this morning. Never have I don’t this before. I feel really tired/shattered again not sure if that’s because I’ve slept so much, I feel like I could go back to bed again, since I’ve been ill ave never had tireness like this before. Do other MS sufferers have periods like this ? Thanks in advance. Stephen.

Hi Stephen- ive only ever had it on one relapse about 4 yrs ago- i get tired now but nothing like then!!. i basically slept for 6 months- even lifting my head off the pillow would result in another hrs kip- it did get better but for me that one took a long time and the more i tried to fight it the worse it got. hope it lifts soon for you

take care


Hi BC. Thanks for the reply, I was back in bed hence me replying now, I hope it’s not a relapse :frowning: an just up and feel like I need to go back to bed again soon for more sleep. Cheers Stephen.

I am always knackered as well, I am up at 5.30am with my toddler every day and I feel like I could sleep all day, I do try to have early nights to counteract the early starts.

Hi Stephen,

I to get exceedingly tired and want to sleep for a lot of the time, have been told it could be the drugs that you are taking that can make you tired so it might be worth having a word with your MS nurse.

Take care.


Yeah you’re not alone. I often feel shattered, I also feel unmotivated to do anything which could just be me, being lazy, or it could also be ms related.

My sleep pattern is shot to hell, mostly my own doing since now I can’t leave the house without assistance I tend to stay up whenever I want and sleep whenever I feel tired. Sometimes I correct it by staying awake for 36 hours and then having a good sleep the following night, going to bed around 8-9pm. If I don’t stay up that long beforehand I usualy wake up in the middle of the night.

Some of you have responsibilities that require you to get up early (such as children) and so I realise my method of just doing what I want is not helpful but I also feel if I’m stuck at home most of the week, broke all the time and feeling tired I may aswell take pleasure in doing what I feel like because forcing myself to a pattern that “normal people” have is pointless since I’m not…anymore.

We need to take our pleasures where we can, be it staying up late or sleeping in, life is only worth living if you enjoy the living bit in whatever form that takes.

Not as severe as yourself but at times, I find myself looking forward to getting to bed “all the time”

Hi Stephen,

Yes, I do often have days when I feel as if I am in a coma. I find this pretty frightening, and as I fall asleep I put one fist on my chin to keep my air ways open. I have never choked yet, but when I feel so totally pooped I never leave anything to chance.

Best wishes,