Is anyone awake?

Is anyone awake and prepared to have a mad woman email them her complete ramblings?

Mandymoo x

I just heard a pin drop ! F.xx

Morning Mandymoo x hope you eventually got some sleep xxxxjenxxx

Bit late but I’m around now


I was awake but didn’t have laptop on. Hope you got some sleep eventually. Xx

I’m often around in the early hours so send me a ‘ping’ and ramble away!

Thanks guys!!!

I hope i wont need you tonight but if I do…watch out LOL.

You will ALL be bombarded

Mandymoo xx

Here we go again…completely and utterly knackered and cant sleep.

Its 3.30 for God sake!!

I need to be on form for my neuro appointment tomoz!!

Sorry…just needed a rant…somethings arent suitable to put as facebook posts lol

Spk soon


Did you manage to get some sleep in the end. I kept tossing and turning too. The heavy arms I’ve been experiencing haven’t improved and my finger feel like I can’t quite co-ordinate them finely . My arms felt so uncomfy last night and it was so muggy I just kept tossing and turning.

Hope you feel better soon. Good luck with the neuro reveiw let us know how it went.