Arggggghhhhhhhhhh is the anybody out there???

I’ve had a relatively good day today after an awful night with a trapped nerve or such like in my neck and shoulder…until…me and my daughter just had a play fight. Everything has just kicked off again and I’m sure it will have settled down by the morning but it’s so upsetting that something as minor as a play fight for the remote control can leave me feeling

as though my legs dont belong to me, They are so hyper sensitive

My rib pain has flared up

I feel a little lost and things are delayed a bit, either my processing or vision.

I’ve gone incredibly tired and feel as though I’ve just run about 5 miles

Is any of this at all a normal reaction to over exersion if I do indeed have MS?

My daughters face looks so sad as she can see my energy depleeting and as I queitly winse in pain!!

She’s only just been diagnosed with having PTSD from watching her dad (my husband) have 2 heart attacks! She does not need this state of limbo anymore than I do!!! (plus she’s sitting her GCSE’s this week)

I f**king hate what ever this crap is.

So sorry to moan, I really am

Where are my manners???

Love Mandymoo

Load of S*** isn’t it, i myself am in agony with muscle above my right breast and have right sided weakness atm.

Not sure what has caused it but my dad having a heart attack wednesday night and now waiting a triple heart bypass hasn’t helped!

I myself am not dx and absolutely shattered, you have my deepest sympathy as i know all about the neck and shoulder pain all too well.

Chin up and hope you get some relief soon

Sonia x

Just to send many best wishes to both of you xxx

Oh Sonia…that’s really is s**t for you!

My husband has had 2 heart attacks as I said and the first one should have killed him…but 7 years on from that one he’s doing really well and is fighting fit and doing more active work then ever. But…I have always said that its the carers that have it worse than the sufferer. I’m fairly confident that my hisband and daughter have it worse than I do when they watch me in pain etc. I know how far it can go and how I feel about it but they are just second guessing all the time…and wandering how I am when they are not around me, wheras I DO know. The same goes for you and your father…I’m sure he will have processed to some degree how he feels about things whether optimistic or pesimistic but yet again the faimily are left guessing…It is exhausting.

Please please take care of yourself and be mindful of how your body is reacting to this added stress.

Oh my God…I’ve just read back what Ive wrote and I hope that it doesnt sound as patronising as I fear!!! Im in a waffling frame of mind because of this crap going on tonight and things arent as cohesive as i would like. God, dont you just hate all of this. Especially moaning is my worst pet hate!!

I wish you all the very best for you and your father!

Mandymoo x

Thanks Mandymoo, he is 72 nearly 73 and in bad health so i know him well enough to not keep my hopes up too high. He also has expressed his doubt all be it not verbally i can see it in his eyes.

You was not patronising at all but i am that rock bottom atm i probably wouldn’t of noticed anyway he he he.

I have got a sense of humour hiding somewhere but like you the neck and shoulder pain over shadows it 90% of the day.

Thanks seaside belle and thanks Mandymoo

Sonia x

Morning Both x So sorry you are going through all this - ‘daunted’ is my favourite word at the moment!!

I’m going with my 85 yr old Mam today for a ct scan as she has been having problems recently x It’s a worry when loved ones are ill - especially as I’ve been pretty much housebound for a few months so have been useless in helping her out

She’s such a strong woman - a real character - she’s been so indepenent - walks to town every day. It was one hell of a fight just to get her to agree to go for the scan!

This illness sucks!!! xxxjenxxxx