4.30 am and still not asleep


i cant sleep because i cant get comfortable. i’m too hot or too cold. then my legs ache and twitch.

i’m not looking for a cure just need to chat.

been chatting to the cat but she looks at me like “WTF”

i’ve been spending money that i really haven’t got, online shopping.

sent for loads of cds and all because ziggy stardust has been getting lots of publicity. i had that album when it first came out and i was 13.

cant stop singing “queen bitch” we used to sing that when we were 13… she’s so swishy in her satin and tat, in her frock coat and bibbety bobbity hat, oh god i could do better than that.

i’ve been asked to a marc bolan tribute night this weekend. i’m really reliving my mis-spent youth!!

no wonder i cant sleep!

it seems that the more knackered my body is, the more alive my mind is! (until i end up sleeping all day).

anyway, thank you for letting me have a waffle on

carole xxx

Hi Carole, sorry you’re not sleeping, I hope you are now, I’m like you, I’m either too bloody hot or too cold, also the more tired I am the more my mind wont stop going around in circle’s, drives me crazy. I remember all that lovely music, I wasn’t so much ziggy, but I loved Marc Bolan, have a great weekend, take care, Jean x

Amitriptyline at 8pm broke that cycle for me…and took alot of the leg ache away.

As for the broken thermostat I cant help…but look forward to any responses that help with that.


Carole, I feel your pain. I have always had a nightmare getting to slepp but just lately its been getting worse, I just wish I could slow my mind down.

I may speak to my Neuro about this, wonder if it would help me.


hi there

thanks for the replies . it read like an insane person wrote it! sort of true really.

amitriptyline does help you feel sleepy and if i could get to the right temperature i’d have slept.

i went to the gym today because it had got to the point of kill or cure. i couldn’t do more than 15 mins so i booked a sports massage. it hurt but it was doing me good.

i tried the roll on massager (like a foam cylinder) and that was good so i bought one. altogether for the massage and the do-it-yourself massager it came to £50 but desperate times and all that. i’d rather stop buying food than live with that pain.

so i mustn’t buy cds online any more!

carole xxx

ps i’ll sleep tonight!